Oxygen Level 99 - Yeh (wink)

Have just done my morning ablutions you know the routine. Inhaler, tablets, blood pressure, oxygen level, doesn't make a difference what order they are done in as nothing changes - normally.

Well I looked down at my oximeter and saw Oxygen 99 Pulse 99 Wow! Did think I felt quite good but this was amazing quick thought in my mind I could maybe even do a bit of housework (joke I am not that thick).

Now I didn't really feel that good but the air is so much fresher this morning BUT then I noticed a little flashing symbol yes you have guessed the battery needed changing talk about being deflated. Changed the battery and Oxygen level now 92 but hey for a moment I really did think about running a marathon :D

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  • I was once 99 at the surgery, the GP thought she was reading it upside down ! She wanted to try it on another finger, I said no way 99 is fine for me. The air is a bit fresher today, although that feel good feeling I've had for the past two days has gone a bit. Yesterday I even did an online order from Boots - ever tried doing an online order from Boots, give yourself a couple of hours at least.

    Lib x

  • Never mind, mine is only 91 to-day. Help yourself to some virtual chocs from above post Might cheer you up. xxxxxx

  • Sorry you weren't really 99 Jan, perhaps you should celebrate anyway with an icecream and flake '99' after all thinking about doing a marathon is cause for celebration - we have rain, grey skies and no a sunray in sight today. Not had that for ages.

    Anna xxx

  • Oh dear Jan - please don't run a marathon - don't want to lose you! Ice cream and flake sounds good! Keep on breathing my love.

    Bev xx

  • Jandan

    Lovely to see you about Jan. Sorry about your SATS but at least you jogged my memory to do mine. I got 95! I am never 95. It's usually 92/93. Put a new battery in. Yep, still 95. That PR course must be having an effect.

    Love from Bobby xxxx

  • My SATS are running the same as yours Jan. 92, which is now more or less normal for me.


  • Your all fools, those oximeters are telling you your age not your oxy levels. Ha Ha. :) :) I'm 96 today and my heart is 80?

  • I only look 96 I am not quite there yet please let me have the couple of years I need x

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