Not feeling good :-(

For the last few days my legs have been like jelly, I get up in the morning not feeling too bad, then within an hour or so feel awfull, finding it really hard to do stuff. Feel almost like I have flu but without the cold, breathing not good but better than last week, not sure it has anything to do with my COPD, any thoughts please.

polly xx

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  • Hi Polly,

    I've had the same thing all weekend and this is new to me. Not quite sure what it is but my legs have been really weak and struggled to walk around without feeling like my legs will collapse from under me. Have also felt really tired and sleepy - but like you, no cold or flu symptoms. Saw my doctor yesterday and mentioned it as the breathing has also suffered with it. He checked my chest, etc but there's nothing there to worry about. Same old thing 'come back if it doesn't improve'... I'm seeing my respiratory specialist next week so will mention it to him and see what he says. I just wonder that on a bad day, everything seems to get worse, but the legs are a new thing to me too and not sure how it is connected to my lung condition.

    Will be interesting to see other responses and we may be a bit clearer with some advice

    Jean :-)

  • Polly

    My legs have felt a lot stronger since I started Pulmonary Rehabilitation and I no longer get the shakes. I have session number ten (of 16) on Friday. It really has done me a lot of good. If you can get on a course then do so.

    Bobby xxx

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  • HI Polly, I was exactly like that late last week, I put it down to the heat at first as it seemed to go bad then a bit better, then bad again, but by Saturday night I could hardly get to the downstairs loo about 12 steps away and then had to wait about 15 mins before I could get back to my chair again - had to start on my emergency meds and thanks heavens I did. By Sun am my son said I looked like I was on my last legs and said he was phoning an ambulance, but I refused (only been 2 months since an 8 day stay and do NOT want to go through that again in a hurry), yesterday morning felt a bit better, but by afternoon dreadful again, could barely breath. Stuck it out somehow and this morning maybe meds starting to work a bit, managed to clear my chest quite a bit and it's so much easier this morning. Prob go down the nick again later but at least it seems to be very slowly improving. My advice would be not to let it worsen too much, last time I brushed it off too long landed me in hosp. Best wishes. LIbby x

  • Well it seems to be connected to the COPD then, have pushed myself a bit this morning after my post and stripped the beds ready for my daughter coming to change them. I am absolutley shattered now but happy that I have done something.

    Hope everyone will be feeling better soon, and thank you for your response.

    polly xx

  • I dont have COPD but i do have bronchiectasis. If I get any symptoms like the ones described, jelly legs, I know that a chest infection is on its way. I dont always bring up a lot of muck which for me is bad because it remains in my lungs. I generally feel lousy as said, and just want to sleep.

  • I have a little brochiectasis not too bad but will keep and eye on it.

    Thank you.

    polly xx

  • I have had the same symptoms for over a week now. I put it down to the weather.


  • Hi Pollyjj,

    When I get like that, I put it down to not getting enough oxygen to my muscles. I usually find that if I 'keep going' it eases a bit. The keeping going is the hard bit.

  • That is a thought,carrieme! I am having my PR assessment on Thursday, and will bring that point up.

  • I first noticed it when I still cycled. After about 2 minutes I could hardly pedal, but if I persevered it got easier. Needless to say I don't cycle now.

  • Hi pollyjj so sorry your not feeling too good. I did feel like that when we had all that heat and I was sleeping most of day as well as at night. It took me 4-5 days of cooler temperatures to get over it. Also I thought the allergic pollen content in the air might have caused a lot of the symptoms.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Check in with the doc if symptoms persist.

    Take good care

    BC x

    PS I also get the heavy leg syndrome when my airways narrow and breathing is more difficult.

  • Sorry to hear that you're feeling foofed Polly, much the same here - my poor muscles looking very weedy at the moment so doing some very light leg exercises to build them up again. Lots of protein is good for muscles so off to have some. Keep as well as you can. :) xx

  • Are you drinking enough Polly, I feel like that when I get dehydrated. B****y water tablets! Keep smiling

    Carole x

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