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My holiday on oxygen

I've been on oxygen 24/7 since March and just come back from my 1st trip abroad .My wife is Thai so after getting my fit to fly we went to visit her family for 1 month ,off i went with my inogen one g2.We flew with British Airways (free oxygen) 11.5 hr flight oxygen 4 lpm no problem.The inogen POC performed excellently, although i was limited with what i could do both me and my wife enjoyed our holiday very much.I would like to thank all B.A staff,UK and Thai customs for their help and assistance.I would also like to say to anyone who is thinking of taking a trip JUST DO IT.

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There are many people on here that I admire for their courage and you are one of them. I am on oxygen just part time but there is no way I would attempt the trip you have just made. I take my hat off to you sir. Well done!



Well done Pedr - A little courage gave you your wife an enjoyable trip. Me I am a coward and do not like the idea of an aeroplane, only been in one from Southend to Jersey when I was 9 or 10 years old.

Anna :)


I go abroad twice per year with my portable oxygen concentrator and my wheelchair. (Have POC will travel). It is something I really enjoy and refuse to give up. Good for you! x

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Good for you, glad you had a good holiday & all went well with airline etc.

Best wishes

Jo :-)


I have i.p.f and i asked my doctor if I needed to tell the airline I was going to australia march 2013 with if I would need theraputic oxygen,he just laughed and said there was plenty of oxygen on board it drops from below the overhead Iockers.


Hi Pedr,

Hubby and I had a month's holiday in Singapore and Thailand in March. I'm not on oxygen but had no problem with flying at all. Thailand was a beautiful place.



Thank you to everyone who read my post,I'd just like to say do as much as you can while you can and enjoy life to the full.



You are an inspiration! I'm so pleased you had a lovely holiday,hope you have lots more! :) xxxx


Great you could do it I would love to get back to my twice yearly little jaunts abroad but I'm afraid when your oxygen need reaches 8lpm it puts a whole different spin on it. Never mind glad you enjoyed your break and may you have many more (sigh) haha!

Liz x


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