Dall05 v Malvern Hills

Dall05 v Malvern Hills

This is more an experiment on what photo's I can post. I'm trying out my digital camera on various settings and beginning to get to grips with the file size. I have been taking photos where they are using 2.5 MB, which is too large to post. I've now found a setting where the file size is below 2500KB, I'll now test to see if it posts. This is a photo of the Malverns out of my front window showing the Worcester Beacon where I walked yesterday.

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Hi Tony What a super view you have, I have hills all around me also but I will stay on the flat for now I did u get my response to your earlier post, keep breaking the records down with P/F. MC

I couldn,t walk up your street never mind the hills.I congratulate you sir. :)

There was a time I couldn't walk up my street but after a lot of hard work and a little oxygen I'm going great guns. Thanks Pedantic.

The Malverns are beautiful - I particularly like them in photos LOL - well done on tackling them :) xx

I'll post some more now I have the camera sorted, technology can drive you nuts at times but I think I've got it at last. MBs and KBs are starting to make some kind of sense. Look out for some more once I get to the top again.

I might take them on again tomorrow after Fit to Breathe classes if the weather permits.


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