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Just back from seeing GP regarding my breathlessness

Managed to see GP this morning as been breathless for past 4 weeks. She had given me 7 day course of Prednisolone which I finished last weekend and it did no good at all. At that time she didn't think there was infection so no antibiotics. Today she sounded my chest and said she heard crackle and prescribed me another week of Prednisolone and Doxycycline. Also Furosemide as feet/ankles swollen. I wonder if that wee infection has been lurking quietly in there and that's reason for breathlessness last 4 weeks. Either way now I have these meds and hopefully that will sort it out.

GP confirmed that she has made referral to PR for me.

I asked her if they had a Nurse who dealt mainly with lung issues at the practice as I feel I could get more information from Nurse and not take up doctors time. Never get to see same Doctor at our practice and different one each time. They do - so made appointment for next week.

Made appointment with surly receptionist and she said can you tell me what it was for. Several people standing next to me and right next to waiting room. Told her no didn't want to tell her what is was for (or the other dozen people within earshot).

Hope everyone keeping well and thank you for being there. You are my Guru's. Would be lost without you.

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Amazing twinks - very well done you - you got the answers you needed, the right meds, a referral to Pulmonary Rehab and the respiratory nurse and dealt with the surly receptionist beautifully. Gold star! :) xx

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Awe thanks Scrobbitty. You have always been so supportive to me and tis you that's a wee star!!!! How are you keeping? Well I hope and still have chocolate left xx

Sweet of you to say so :) xx Bit foofie today - lack of air does that to you LOL - getting through the chocolate rapidly here so bit of a panic ensuing - will have to struggle womanfully to the shops for supplies :) xx

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Hope the shop is nearby. We have had real heavy rain - I'm in Southampton - but cooled for a bit and now very humid. I hope you don't have too many difficult to breath days. Bless your wee cotton socks. xx

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twinks you say you live Southampton but you sound a bit Scottish, only going by your use of "wee", lol my nephew lives in Eastleight, been there a few times, nice area, haven't been to Southampton for years


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Wow Peta small world. Chris works in Eastleigh and its only down road from us. Yes I am from Glasgow Peta but been away years and years. Still have strong accent. Yes lovely area here and close to New Forest.

Yikes you are just up the road from me then twinks, well ish, anyway - so will probably get the rain soon - best dash (oh how she laughed) to the shops before it starts. :) xx

Dash? Get lots of supplies in. Are you in Hampshire too? I could have gone to shops for you. Hark at me all cocky now that I have my antibiotics. * smiles *

Just outside of Bournemouth - ooooo footie rivals (if I like footie LOL) - those antibiotics doing their job - yay !

Love that area. Not a fan of footie. Hope you have a foofie free day tomorrow Scrobbitty

I have tried looking on Google but I am still baffled. Do I or do I not suffer from foofie? What are the symptoms? (I LOVE your words; they really lift my mood).

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OH you might suffer from foofie on the odd occasion Toci - symptons are complete apathy, feeling as though your bones are all liquified and just fooffed LOL :) xx

Yep - got that at times! :o xx

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Burst out laughing at speeding cyclist. So funny x

Oh, that is good news, Twinks :) Well done :)

Sandra x x x

Thank you Sandra. Was starting to think it was my imagination - the breathlessness- but knew it wasn't. Hope it shifts now. Hope you are doing ok xx

well done Twinks for sorting yourself out. Hope the breathing improves soon xxxx

That's great Twinks, I hate doctors receptionists, they want to know the in and outs of a ducks .........

Hope the medication kicks in quickly.

Take care



Thank you Peta. Yeah and her expression on her face as if she was sucking sour lemons. My wee Mammy always says when she sees someone like that ' She needs to crack a smile and make her a*** jealous'

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:) :) :)

Get well soon Twinks and hope the meds work well for you. Pete takes a water pill as he keeps peeing at night (3-6 times) and so far it seems to be helping. I think it is either the one you have or similar. Take care. xxxxx :)

Hi Sassy............ I am constantly going for a wee all day/night and that's why I was surprised that feet/ankles were swollen. I will start pills tomorrow morning. Bet I will be on toilet all the time. Awe well I can always take my kindle in with me!! How is Pete managing? xx

Hi twinks, so far so good as far as Pete is concerned. His ankles were swelling because of the water retention and he peed normally during the day but got up so many times during the night. Last night he did not get up once and peed more in the day which is ok. I think it will all settle down in time. I really hope everything works out well for you. Wishing you luck. xxxxx

Well done Twinks, it looks like it is all coming together at last. You will soon be up and out running in Marathons and things. Good luck with the PR, you will enjoy it.

Bobby xxx

Awe thank you Bobby and for your support and fun attitude. You haven't seen me running - scary. Cant wait for PR and hope it isn't too long. Hope you are keeping well xx

Well done Twinks. I hope you are feeling much better real soon. xx

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Awe thank you Toci. Probably take few days to kick in I expect. Makes me wonder what it will be like in winter if I am getting this now in heatwave. Hope you are keeping well xx

Well done for sorting out that surly receptionist Twinks. :d

Bev x

Awe thanks Bev. Hope you are good today. x

Hi there, I know exactly how you feel. I do hope it clears up for you. Pred steroids did not help me at all, in fact after taking a 7 day course I ended up in hospital with pneumonia earlier this year. I am on 3 months of doxycycline to try and get rid of a fungus in my lungs....I am not happy taking an antibiotic for such a long while, but I know my consultant is trying his best to help me. My breathlessness has been pretty bad just of late, and a horrible nausea....just past couple of days food actually tastes like food. I am fed up with it all, never smoked in my life....think it has something to do with tresemme extra hold hairspray I have used for years....but my consultant did not take any notice....they do not know what has caused my lung condition....what is causing the inflammation. I am lucky because I am an aromatherapist and burning essential oils...which do help. eucalyptus and tee tree, lemon. is a good mix to put in a burner with water. keep it on a table nearby. have to go now but will be back on here. hope you feel better soon x

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