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End of the 111 service?

NHS Direct have just given notice of their intention to withdraw from their contract to provide this service due to "unsustainable losses". ie they couldn't make the profits they anticipated so don't want to know. Since this affects large parts of the country it is likely the whole service will be suspended. Well done the Condem government. Another nail in the NHS.

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Yes I agree they are as cold as Ice.


Our surgery use 111 as out of hours service.


111 is not bad in all areas. Our area is quite good



But for how long KOTC. It was a private finance initiative cobbled together and rushed into service against the advice of the professionals and you can bet if one part of it is rotten, then the whole structure will soon come crashing down. The whole concept of private capital profiteering and nhs provision are in my mind an oxymoron. Their basic objectives are not complimentary to putting the patient first. We are a wealthy nation but because we choose to distribute our wealth unevenly the scraps are laid at the table of the poor whilst the rich leech their self indulgent life styles at our expense.

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