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In the Garden........................KOTC

............In the Garden

Yesterday evening(before the beating by my wife for yesterdays post) I was in the garden with my DARLING wife, when all these flying ants appeared from nowhere.

Then there were thousands of birds in the sky having a banquet and the flying ants were gone!

Today I was in the garden with my SWEET wife, when she spotted a little baby sparrow

huddled up in a corner. We sat and watched for a while and then my KIND HEARTED wife put down some water and bird feed for it. My LOVING wife cares for all types of birds in our garden and she was worried that Maggie Pie or one of the others would attack it. The little sparrows mum came to look after her offspring, encouraging it to fly but to no avail. My VERY CARING wife has made it a bed and covering for it to be comfortable for the night, the little sparrow jumped in immediately and settled down.

Now who could wish for a more DEVOTED,KIND, LOVABLE wife'

PS I expect I shall be sleeping in the garden. You've guessed the Sparrow will be in my bed. Such a KIND wife to think of that. Eh?



Make yourself comfortable at your local Breathe Easy group

Joining details 03000 030 555 BLF Helpline(local rate by landline)Mon-Fri 10am 5pm

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I think your lucky to still be alive after your previous posts about your wife and


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Ah Richard I loved it. You are a complete bottler. lol. I would offer to swap wives but you could be even worse off.

My deepest commiserations


Awww, what a lovely post. Nite little birdie. Libby

Its only right that a sparrow should come first in the PECKING ORDER eh King.

Unfortunately the little sparrow passed away during the night

It has now gone were all good little birdies go


oh bless.

Patricia, I'm so very sorry to hear of the loss of your dear husband Richard.

He will be terribly missed here, he made a difference to hundreds of peoples lives with his genuine care and love of life.

I hope when you are brave enough and have the energy, you will look at the post from 'Secondlife' of two days ago.

There are over a hundred messages for you plus a Nat King Cole song.

Such a lovely man, we have been blessed to have known him just a tiny bit.

My very sincere thoughts and condolences to you, your family, friends and Badger.


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