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Is there anyone out there suffering from Carbon Dioxide retention?

My husband has COPD and is oxygen 24/7 at the moment he is on 5L on the Concentrator. The doctor said that he could turn it down from 6L. I find that he is quite confused at times and talks quite slurred (as if he was drunk) but he is not allowed to drink as he is on Warfarin. Does anyone out there have a similar problem?


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Hi Jean. Has he had has blood gases tested (usually blood taken from an artery in the wrist)? I also use oxygen 24/7. My respiratory consultant arranges for nurses from the hospital to check my readings every 6 months to monitor the carbon dioxide levels, as mine have been quite high in the past. In your shoes I would be asking for the CO2 levels to be checked and then monitored regularly.


Can't really ad to what TOCI as said ... But yes i get sloppy when talking to


I am not a medical professional I am on oxygen 24/7 and because I retain carbon dioxide my delivery rate is 0.5 ltr. I have been warned that because of the dangers associated with retention we, but my wife particularly, should be on the look-out for slurred speech and/or confusion. My oximetry readings are heart rate at rest between 110 and 120-125 with sats 93/94. My understanding is that the purpose of the oxygen is to protect major organs when sats are low, 88 or less. My suggestion would be to get medical advice Very Soon to get this matter cleared up.

Good luck, chris


Very true homebreeze and well put :) yep as it all coverd ... So will talk about my favriout subject ME :)

Only joking anyway yes am going to posting question / post on yep results findings of my lung scab

Aparantly if you have seen my pic you will see little round red dots in tissue ... That is like this post carbon dioxide proplems

Cheers all the best :)


Hi jean ghost have you been able to get medical device yet ? Our husbands oxygen supply numbers seemed high to me.

Good luck Chris


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