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Dall05 v Malvern Hills (Video Link) give it a watch :)

I was up for a challenge today and looking out of my front window at the Top of the Worcester Beacon I decided that's where I would go. facebook.com/photo.php?v=42... This link will hopefully take you to the video of the final part of my journey.

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well done Tony, what a great walk, the view is beautiful, well worth the walk.

I don't have places like that where I live so have to make do with the gym, like you I am a great believer in exercise.

Take care



Its great up there Peta, There was a café on that spot a few years back but it burned down and the powers to be won't let them rebuild it. Its a real shame because I could have done with a long cold drink and a sit down when I crawled my way in.

Exercise is what's got me fit enough to take on such a challenge. There was a time when I couldn't walk to the other side of the road.



Am gobsmacked Tony, you're incredible. Just wow. Libby


Hi Libby, This video wasn't really planned, it was part of an experiment to see if it was possible to post such a thing onto this site. Anyway with help from my son who did it with ease we seem to have had a success.

I blame the camera lens for my triple chins. Ha Ha

Tony xx


Well done Tony. I could just about climb every hill in Norfolk.

Regards, Bobby


Hi Bobby, I love the Joe 90 pic, are you going to give me my next mission and program my brain accordingly. If so leave out any hills and include a leggy blonde. :) please.


Leggy blondes are bad for you Tony, you only get a fourth hand brunette. Sorry.



Oh well, its probably for the best as too much excitement could be a little risky in my condition.



What a fantastic achievement and a brilliant video. Very well done. You Tony are an inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing your views. Back to the gym for me as well tomorrow.

Anna xxx


Thanks Anna, I took the camera along just to take a few pictures but I thought I would experiment with a video at the top. I was on my own so I got a few strange looks filming and talking to myself which in itself was a laugh.

Well when you walk around with an oxygen bottle on your back most of the time you get used to being stared at so this was nothing unusual I guess.

The hills are hard work but also a blessing in disguise, a great workout with a view.



That's great Tony, well done, you are looking good on it ;)

Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your video link.

All good wishes BC x


Hi BC, considering what little good lung is left I continue to amaze myself at what is possible and can only put it down to the hard work I have put in since the Olympics and the recent weight loss that was ordered by my transplant consultant.

The video was an on the spur of the moment decision but I'm glad I did it because it gives a bit of an insight to the struggles we all go through on a daily basis.

Thanks BC


It's really good to see your enthusiasm and I feel sure you are a great encouragement to others on oxygen and waiting for a transplant. Well done again. :) x BC x


That's my main aim, to encourage others in a similar position to me. Hopefully this video will show them what is possible when you get used to breathlessness.

Thanks again BC its great to here your comments.

Tony :) x


well Tony I would like to say great video but I can't see it so I will just say well done. :)

When I lived in Coventry a trip to the Malverns was often on out time table. The last time I went there though was about 4 years ago before this dreaded thing started I went to the Malvern show and spent a bomb (nothing new there).


Hi Jandan, its good to here from you, Malvern is a pretty scenic place and its a shame you can't see the video. I am sounding like a steam train so maybe its a good thing you don't have to see me suffer. You should only have to click on the link and then on the play button. I wonder why some can watch it and others cannot?

Perhaps you could do a movie from Stockport, I here from my sister-in law that the biker charity music gig in the old town on top of the hill has been stopped which is a shame. I've been to it a couple of times now.

Tony xx


I may have found the reason why the video wouldn't play to all. give it a try now as I have altered the settings. I am trying to become a techy Ha Ha.


You sod you have made me cry! You put me to shame I was so proud that I actually walked from my car to my grandsons school on Wednesday about 200 metres with only 4 stops mind you it is my panic that gets to me. Well now I have got to pull my socks up and get my arse in gear cannot have a mere man show me up. Love to you xxx

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Janet, there is no reason too cry, I remember the time when I struggled to reach my front door and look at me now. As I was once told in ICU, small steps tony small steps. :)

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Hi Tony great to see you oot and aboot again and starring in England's answer to The Sound of Music!! Naw mate canny acess yir video but by the response it must be good, I have just walked my 4 mile wi ma DLA carer she is knackered am as brite as a button.

The Pulmonary Consultant fi edinbura foned me to say my last bloods have caused a bit of a stir in his clinic fir the gid, but will tell me on thrs cant wait, Be Good,MC


Wont let me on Tony (sniff sniff!) tried ipad,plus pc, not avaliable it tells me,could be blocked.

Never mind, enjoying your lovely pic, of where you live, on the newer post.xx


Hi wendells, I think you have to have a face book account set up as I linked the video from face book.

Give it a go, then you may be able to see a budding film star in the making. I'd probably end up doing horror movies as I'm very good at heavy breathing. :)

I've sorted out the file size on my digital camera now for the photo's I can post so you may see a few more pics of me and the Malvern Hills soon. Blinkin mega bytes and kilo bytes kind of does your head in. At least now I have found out the reason why some photo's will post and others won't.

Tony xx


OMG Tony,how inspirational,& amazing! You are truly a hero,with fortiude,like you have, you will fly through that transplant!! Have visions of you, filming yourself, whilst its going on,lol!!

Beautiful scenery there,can understand why you love it so much.

So glad finally able to bring it up,wouldent have missed it, for the world,

Love to you, & your beautiful family,

Wendells xxx


Hi Wendells, The video gives a bit of an insight into my world doesn't it. I know I don't need to push myself that hard but it does seem to be doing me more good than harm. When you achieve something like climbing the Worcestershire Beacon it gives you a real boost. There was a time when this would have been way out of reach and I only have to look back at those dark times to realise how lucky I am now.

I did my best to capture the moment and give everyone a little of the Malvern Hills experience.

You have now given me the idea of taking my camera along to the operating table and asking someone to film it, Ha Ha and then posting it on this site. I wonder what the moderators would think of it, could be a step too far me thinks.

At one time I thought the Malvern Hills were my enemy as everywhere was such a struggle for me but I now see them as a friend as they have helped keep me fit.

Thanks Wendells for your very kind and supportive words and look out for the next video when I ride my bike again for the first time in 3 years, 6 miles to Upton Upon Severn. Yes it is slightly downhill most of the way,it will be happening very soon. There's 3 great pubs on the river front and I will celebrate in one or maybe all of them and then phone somebody to come and get me back home.

My wife and daughter think I'm crazy for doing it but I know I can as long as I take it very steady.

Love and best wishes to you and Harry, I hope and pray things improve for you both.

Tony xxx


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