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The people working for the BLF are often very busy. Mark for instance. Amongst the 4,500 members there must be many with editorial experience who could carry part of the load. Lots of the contributors on here have a good knowledge of grammar and the legal niceties of publishing. They would make good moderators on a voluntary basis. I am sure that many would give their time freely. Perhaps it is something the BLF should consider.

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  • Yep could be a good idea but difficult to find someone who is 'neutral' which would be a stumbling block :) xx

  • I agree that Mark and the BLF are no doubt very busy, and could probably find a lot more important things to do with their time than moderate this site. However, the thing about the moderators is that they are impartial.

    Do you really think that If A upset B on some topic then B (moderator) wouldn't have that in mind the next time A posted?

    Would all members get a vote on who, from the membership, should be a moderator?

  • I am just floating the idea. There would obviously need to be safeguards in place. I felt it needed bringing up though. Mark and the others are very busy. Perhaps instead of thinking why we can't do it we would be better thinking how could we do it.

  • It's good to float an idea and get everyone's perspective Bobby :) xx

  • I remember seeing this discussed before and Mark vetoing the idea.

  • sorry can only see problems with that idea.

    This is one of Mark's duties in his job role, maybe he really enjoys doing this duty.

    If he has already vetoed the idea then there must be a good reason for that, just saying........................

    Peta. xx

  • This has been raised in the past and dismissed as it can bring more problems for the reasons given by CarrieMe. I think it was even perhaps tried before a long time ago and had to be stopped.

    Lynne xx

  • I moderate on several forums, and because of this am not allowed to comment on those boards. Anonymity is paramount. My role is to supervise the boards for any infringements of the rules, and to caution/ban members according to policy and procedures.

    In a support forum, I couldn't see that working either for BLF or for the member. But it was a nice thought, Bobby :)

    Sandra x x x

  • That's a no then. I'm not going to argue with seven women. My mama didn't raise no fools. lol

    Love to all

    Bobby xxx

  • Actually, on other communities within Health Unlocked - they do have 'volunteers' who act with limited powers as mods :) xx

  • LOL, float on Phillips1 :D

    Besides if everyone here did abide by the posting guidelines, there would never be a problem and if ever there was, the recommended ignore and report is a good option, eventually those who like stiring things up and bad mouthing others would become invisible and wouldn't get the reaction they so crave.

    Simples really this being a friendly supportive environment as is intended to be, in the spirit of things - just the job for us all :) x x.

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