Horse and Traps

Just had the annual horse and traps going up my road, over 100 this year, riding 3 abreast across the road, cars had to pull up on the pavement to avoid them, a couple of dogs running in between the traps, bloke jumped off his trap and started whipping the dogs, two poor boys came running up the road to get their dogs, bloke said he would whip them if the dogs hurt his horse, police should really shop this from happening but I suppose they have every right to be on the road, but maybe not so many of them, going to be an accident one day.

Well that's my moan for the day.


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  • Oh, Peta, that doesn't sound right at all, and must have been distressing for the young lads to be threatened by an adult. I pity the poor horses having to work in the heat.

    If this is an official annual event, you'd have thought the police and RSPCA would be monitoring not only public safety, but the health and welfare of the animals.

    Take care, and try and enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Travellers are a law unto themselves..................................rung police last year, they didn't bother, think they start their meet about 3 miles from where I live, don't know where they stop, just glad I'm not on the road when they are, this only started last year. Did feel so sorry for those boys, you could see they were s...........themselves, so many travellers two or three to each trap, you can't argue with that can you. I should think the boys are just glad to get away alive and with their dogs, think the boys were over the woods at the bottom of my road, and had their dogs off the lead, along came all the horses, suppose the dogs just took off after them.

    Peta. xx

  • The dogs should have been on leads Peta but it wasn't their fault. He should have whipped the boys. he he

    Bobby xxxx

  • Just re thought that one Peta. The parents should have been whipped for letting the boys out with unleaded dogs. Four star only. lol

    Bobby xxxx

  • I think a lot of people let their dogs off the lead in the woods, you don't expect a hundred horses to gallop by...................

    What's " four star only" mean, being a bit thick here, but its still hot down here

    Peta. xx

  • In the olden days cars ran on four star petrol. Now it is unleaded petrol. It was a play on words for unleaded dogs. Lose two house points for being so young. lol

    Bobby xxx

  • but I'm not young, now I remember 4 star petrol, had forgotten all about that, please give me back my house points, its not my fault I have a short and long term memory problem, otherwise I think you are being harsh and I will report this to scrobbitty...............................your choice......................

  • mmm perhaps you are right but I can't let you off completely it would set a precedent. Shall we say half a house point?

    Bobby xxx

  • Oh, please sir, give us back out house point - I remember when 35p filled my moped up on 2 star :)

  • ok, ok. you can both go, but it is the cane next time.

    Master Bobby xxxx

  • Thank you sooooooo much, glad to see your scared of scrobbitty.

    Peta. xx

  • Just trying to work out who is daftest, you, me, Sandra or Scrobbity. It's a close run thing. lol

    Bobby xxx

  • I believe that the honour must go in my general direction Sir Bobbington of Bobbington Manor :) xx

  • okay, we will let you have that honour, lol

  • It'definitely you Bobby but you do make me laugh,


  • aw Gail, I think it is Scrobby the same as Peta does. Didn't Scrobby pinch your choccys once? It's got to be her.

    Bobby xxx

  • Gulp, think I might have done, no shame at all me :O xx

  • That's such a shame when the travellers let themselves down like that - poor dogs were petrified I shouldn't wonder. Quite right to moan. xx

  • I think dogs, horses and boys were all petrified.

  • Hello Peta

    There are things there that the Police could come down on.

    Driving three abreast down a road and forcing cars onto the pavement is an offence.

    Taking a whip to dogs is an offence.

    Threatening children (or anyone for that matter) is an offence.

    I don't care whether they are Royalty, poor people, rich people, travellers etc. The people you posted about are really not nice at all.



  • rang the police last year, they didn't bother coming out, the year before it was in our local paper that a village about 6 miles away from me, were having horse sales in the pub, they were actually taking the horses into the pub to trade, it took the council and police weeks to get the pub closed down to stop this from happening. xx

  • It beggars belief, Peta. There have been a few terrible things happen because the Police didn't act on information given to them - lets hope that no one (human or animal) is seriously hurt as a result of this annual event.

    I hope that you have a good weekend.

    Love and hugs



  • hope you have a good weekend too, take care. Peta

  • hear hear

  • We have had problems with them again. High Court appeal going in from Council. Usual thing; buy agricultural land, build on it, cause chaos. We would not get away with it. Gig racing round streets which are narrow and wobbly. Police didn't believe me when i told them because roads are too narrow - my point entirely. Large dogs off leads. Our Jack Russell v scared. We have to keep our dogs on leads or £80 fine. Trees being chopped down. Eastern Europeans useful for keeping them in check to some extent! last November husband managed to wedge our Saxo underneath one of their flatbed trucks. Interestingly, the driver gave me his name and not the name of the insured driver. I warned insurance company but ... nothing said or done. Incidentally, we got nothing for our very useful Saxo. Law unto themselves; yes indeed. When teaching I found the boys would invade your personal space and be disruptive. Sometimes they would turn up for lunch and leave after. They would disappear for months and on their return attendance would be hit and miss. Other children were nervous around them. Very tricky...

  • Must be something to do with Gloucestershire appyalison, we have them in a local town, said they had come for a funeral but stayed on so an eviction order was got and half left but more came so another eviction order was obtained. Local children can't use the play area because the traveller children terrorise them. There were some real ones with the old type horse drawn caravans set up on a large local roundabout and they were no problem and the horses kept the grass down. Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • Yes, thank you C arole. We have had major problems with them before for years. Chopping down trees round lake, threatening local kids, dog fouling - we all use dog poo bags, quite rightly. We would getfind but nothing happens. We have paid taxes all our lives etc etc. When i was a youngster they did not have such a detrimental effect on local economies or environment. I am happy for them to lead their lives as they wish BUT they should obey the laws as we all have to. Soap box moment over apart from the cost to our community to take them to court to get them to obey the law. Frustrating and expensive. I think there should be central funds to allow councils to fight them on points of law as they choose smaller councils because they know they often have to cave in. Then more and more arrive. Sadly, they are not an asset and I am quite fearful that something will give dramatically. Have a safe breathing Sunday. :-) Alison

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