Not so funny.........................KOTC

................................Not so funny

I have just spent over two hours writing up account details of the seven meetings I have attended recently

and they have just disappeared from the screen. The meetings that I had described in detail were:-

June 26th Nottingham North and East Clinical Commissioning Group (NNECCG)

July 3rd Breathe Easy Nottingham

July 4th Willows Patient Participation Group(WPPG)

July15th Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire Research Engaging with Patients and Public (NDL REPP) July 23rd NNECCG Peoples Council

July 25th Nottinghamshire Healthwatch

July 26th Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust AGM and Annual Members Meeting




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Sorry to hear your pc has done away with all your hard work x

Oh that's infuriating for you - oh well back to the keyboard - can't have you enjoying yourself can we? :) xx

Oh dear so that's 4 hours in total then King? :p

Bev x

How awful for you,I think everyone has had that experience,in various degrees,at times,so can empathize with you.

Never mind,I know you will find the funny side eventually!!

Happy typing xxx

Oh, Kingy, sorry to hear that. It's a hard lesson to learn, but you'll start saving your work from here on in, I'm sure.

Sandra x x x

If its sympathy you were looking for then it seems as though you've come to the wrong place eh' king.

I've written many a blog only to see it disappear to some place where computers send their stuff for fun. I kind of have a love hate thing with PC's


Am sure they'll still be there somewhere Richard, did you not save it when you started,Try search programmes and files using some keywords in the doc. Libby x


Similar thing happened to me a couple of months ago. I use Firefox, and I found out about an add-on programme called Lazarus. It is designed to recover lost articles in just the situation you mention. Might be worth a look.

breathe easy,


Google 'Lazarus - form recovery' if you're interested.


I use that as well. It saves a lot of hair pulling and frustration.

The times that has happened to me and its infuriating...even more infurating is my middle daughter saying that I should keep on pressing SAVE when I am writing.

I know the feeling, but in my case just lengthy emails to my sister. Particularly, when I was "learning" the computer. I just stare at the blank screen, thinking --oh ++++

Hard luck king. I can't help I'm afraid totally computer illiterate. I have a genius called a son for my mess ups. Have a cuppa and start again unless you live in Vale of Glamorgan then I'll send son around.xxxxxx

Aaaagh, sorry Richard. Dont you just hate it when that happens. I learnt the hard way a while back about saving as you go. It was power cut that did me in that time.

Know the feeling Richard, didn't know about lazarus so thanks for the info from others on your post.

I'm going to sit right down and write myself a letter

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