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PIP Home Visit Assessment Appointment Confirmed

Had confirmation today that my PIP Assessment will be on Tuesday next week (30 July).

Feeling a little anxious as I understand I may be the first one on here to report back!

I filled in the form - as advised by many - as if it's one of your worst days, and believe me I was quite ill at my worst. Since being on steroids in the last few months though, my breathing seems to have improved quite a bit. I still struggle and can only take a few stairs at a time (when I have to navigate them!). I just worry that being on the steroids may go against me as I'm not as bad as I was - or does that fact show how bad I am without them. I will be on them for up to 12 months.

Will detail as much as I can when I report back after the visit.

Jean :-)

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Good luck for Tuesday Jayne. Give it your best shot.

Bobby xxx

Good luck for tuesday. If you are asked to climb the stairs.............just refuse, tell them you only do it once a day and you dread it. (i got panic attacks just thinking about it, before I got a stair lift.) Also try and have someone with you to hear what you say, then IF and I hope you don;t get refused, always request a copy of the report.

I am basing this on a DLA visit, so might all be changed for the better now. Just tell it as it is on the worst day. Best wishes ingrid.

Good luck Jayenne, sorry I cannot offer any advice on this as I have not had to go through the process. Maybe it would be worth phoning the BLF for their view I am sure they get

many calls of this nature. I hope it all works out for you .....Adrian

I've no experience of this either, so can only offer lots of moral support. Hope all goes well for you on Tuesday.

Lots of luck, Jan :)

The very best of luck x x x

Good luck for Tuesday Jean

Good luck Jayenne :-) Alison

Good luck for Tuesday. Let us know how you get on xx

Good luck, why do you have to tell them you are feeling better on steroids surely they just need to know your worst days.

polly xx

Well that's what I thought too.... so that's what I'm going with :-)

Good luck for Tuesday Jayenne,like someone's said try to have someone with you,because as soon as you answer the door they are watching your every move,they will try to trick you,watch to see how you can sit,stand,make a drink,reach in the cupboard for a cup,all things.i'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :) xxx

Hi Jayenne Good luck for next week, make it clear you don't have any good days anymore let them do the talking. If you are on your own and they ask you to go upstairs tell them only if they will stand behind you in case you fall, mattcass

When hubby was first diagnosed with asbestosis we had to go through this with Atos to get Industrial Injuries, this year was our third visit and we have only ever told them how bad it is (not mentioning that we had good and bad days), gave them a list of medication, told them how he manages to wash and dress (or not), he avoids stairs, they will want to know how far you can walk without stopping to get your breath. If you have letters from hospital they would be good, copies of breathing results although they will do their own mini one. Good luck for tomorrow

Best of luck next week.

Lynne xx

A good luck from me too.

I question if is a good idea of having anyone with you. They will think

that you have sufficient help . . ? Only wondering ?

When I last had my home visit all the questions seem to be related did

I live on my own as I do. Not sure if it helped me.

Let us all know.

Take care.

xx Ros xx

Best of luck on Tuesday


I wish you all the best for next Tuesday Jean. Have you called the BLF benefits people? If not, why not give them a go on Monday - you've nothing to lose and everything to gain xxx peeg

Thanks all so much for your best wishes. I've got all the 'ammunition' at the ready and will let you know how it goes.

Jean :-)

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