My funny wife!................Hee HEE.........KOTC

.............................A few wife funnies

My wife was standing nude in front of a mirror and said to me: ''I look horrible, I feel fat and ugly,

pay me a compliment.''

I told her ''Your eyesight is perfect,''


My wife got undressed and asked me,

''What turns you on more, my pretty face or my sexy body?''

I looked her up and down and replied, ''Your sense of humour.''


My wife and I were attending the Sunday service.

About halfway through the wife leaned over to me and says,

''I just let out a silent fart; what do you think I should do?''

I told her, ''Put a new battery in your hearing aid.''


KOTC wanted to know what would make his wife happy.

After consultation he found out that:

After years of research, scientists have discovered what makes women happy










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9 Replies

  • Good for you, King! No way am I standing in front of a mirror..... cant even say the word!!

  • Hey! I like it King, After the earlier post about 4 corners and a round world thing the Men are fighting back. Ha Ha .

    Tony. :)

  • United we stand!


  • Yes and after this united we'll fall too. I'm laying low, look out for the flack King its surely coming. :)

  • oh you are naughty!

    I think you made those up and your long suffering wife will find a way of getting her own back. xx

  • One brave man KOTC, how did you get these passed her without her seeing them. Great Stuff

    Berwick x

  • Kingy you are treading on thin ice beware.................... but had to laugh because the same could be said of hubbys (not mine of course) he! he! :) :)

  • and you are still living? Refuse to show these to hubby as they will only give him more ideas lol

  • I'm in hiding, but she hasn't missed me yet!


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