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hi guys & girls. can anyone help with this question I have, about a month ago I was given a Acapella from the hospital, to help clear the mucus from my chest, the dreaded thing has made me horse, and no not the four legged sort, I sound like a man now when I speak, all deep and husky.. great for dirty phone calls, but a bit odd when people talk to me when out as I look like a female he male sort of thing, deep voice girlie cloths, very odd but funny in a good way, I have stopped using the acapella as I fear my voice will go all together and never found it helped to clear the mucus.. eekk, if I can't speak I can't moan about anything.. not good.. lol.. im joking!!!! any ideas about why this has happened...???

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Hi Sissy, I use accapella, I do not find it makes me horse I have been using it on & off for over 4 years. Did it help you with your chest clearance ? Do you take it apart & sterilise it every week by boiling it? I would talk to your respiratory nurse or doctor if your voice does not improve.

Best wishes

Jo :-)

Hi sissypants. I have never used one of these devices but got a similar effect from my new inhaler, the Seebri Breezehaler. I got rid of it by gargling after using it.

hi toci,i c u have seebri,how is it in so far as increasing ur lung function,2month ago I asked nurse at gps bout 2 new inhalers.she said matter of fact /yes 2 new I said can I have 1,come to surgery in 3week for spime test again,i did an got elkira not seebri awkward she is,have go bak 1st aug for spir test c if its done out,do u feel any benefit with seebri,take care

I have not been using it very long Caroll. I find it easy to use, and since I started gargling I don't seem to have any side effects. But I don't think it works as well as Spiriva. I feel the difference when I use it but it tends to wear off before the day is over. I will see my consultant about it at the end of August.

hi toci,all I was given in jan was ventolin an serutde 500,it was only wen I saw on hear bout seebri an elkira that I rung gp nurse up an asked for 1,sinc I been on elkira ive been better by loads,think I should have been givin it in first place not waitin for us to find out then have to ask,i would still be on just ventolin an serited ive id not found out,i have no consultant how do I get 1 ,try to switch to elkira u can only try it ,take care an keep ur ears open for any new treatments for us,as the powers wat be in Oldham don't inform us

To get to see a consultant you will need to be referred by your GP. Ask.

hi toci,i did ask gps nurse yesterday wen I went c if elkra had improved my lung fu worked .but she said matter of fact/oh u dont get c 1 until u need oxygen,i said well itsup to me if I want it ant want carry on with inhalers isn't ive read theres thousands missing with copd.they must b doing ok with nothing,patronising with me stinks,take care

toci the elkira as worked good my lung function was up a lot,ask for it .u will c a difference in 3 to 4 week and its not wore of,

ok I will give that a whirl gargling sounds fun...

Hiya Sissypants,

I haven't a clue as to the answer to your question. But there is nothing wrong with your sense of humour. It's A1 first class. Well done for making me smile.

Bobby xxx

Sorry Sissy,I can't help.but if it gets no better my phone number is ############ LOL I love your humour :)

ok so making you smile has helped you guys, that's great but for heavens sake this voice thing is getting worse, yesterday I went to the hospital, and a nice doctor stuck a camera up my nose and then decided to use the camera to tickle my tonsils this made my eyes watered so my fake eye lashes fell of, I was not impressed as I had no eye lash glue with me to put them back on, so I then looked like sh*t, thanks doc. felt silly on the long ride home on the bus and I had no sunglasses to hide behind, all in all a great day, so the test showed no problems with my throat so speech therapy was recommended, why I asked myself I don't speak funny, I have a croaky horse voice, I still believe my medication has caused this, I feel going for speech classes is a waste of money on hospital,so will be cancelling that and asking more questions of my gp.

Good for you sissypants,get as much info from your GP as possible.sorry to hear you still a bit under the weather though.just one tip from a bloke ha ha . Always carry spare eye lash glue for emergencies. Ha ha .good look xx

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