COPD by any other name is still COPD

I think most people with breathing difficulties are diagnosed with COPD first.

Its like saying Ford motor car. As there are many different models of the Ford motor car, there are different models of COPD if you like.

COLD: Chronic obstructive lung disease.

COAD: Chronic obstructive airway disease.

CAL: Chronic Airflow Limitation.

CORD: Chronic obstructive respiratory disease.

If you google each one of them, you will probably find one that is a "best fit" for you.

Although they are pretty similar.

Bottom line is our lungs are screwed. Keith :)

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  • Oh, dear, you're giving choices on what to call it. Since I can't make up my mind, can I settle on very severe emphysema?

    Much as I'd prefer not to have it, it's what I've got, no matter what acronym it's under :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Oh dear, I'm sorry, but I'm not giving choices at all.

    You don't have to make up your mind what to call it, if you should care enough to look it up as I did, you will probably find a best fit for you. Thats COPD.

    It was just a point of interest Sandra. GAL.

  • Hi Gal, I thought they had just 're-branded' COAD with COPD... and I still fail to understand why there is a need to use acronyms. Most lay people recognise and understand the distinct illnesses, as in my case emphysema, rather than the use of COPD.

  • Sigh

  • Me and my COPD shakes head and sighs too!!!

  • So does me and my copd/emphysema. xx

  • A few years ago I was 'told off' by the paramedics as I had called in a request for an ambulance and had said that hubby had COPD and was struggling to breathe. According to the paramedics that arrived they said I should have broken down the COPD and told them he had asbestosis. So with slapped wrists I now know that when I have to make the call to say "he has asbestosis and COPD".

  • The things that slip your mind when there's an emergency going on. Would have thought "struggling to breathe' would have been sufficient for them. keith :)

  • They need to know your condition so they can be preparing en route and give the appropriate emergency treatment in the ambulance.

  • I've never had a diagnosis of what type of COPD I have, and have never felt the need to ask. I believe mine was caused by lung damage from when I had TB in the 1970s. When people ask what's wrong when I'm having difficult breathing I just say I have problems with my lungs.

  • COPD That's me


  • Hi Keith.

    I always try to keep it simple for non-medical people. I say I have emphysema. Most people recognise that whereas the term COPD just produces blank looks. Have a good day mate.

    Regards, Bobby

  • By the way, I'm not trying to take anybodies COPD or emphysema or what ever away from them.

    It really was just a point of interest. Thank you for all for the positive feedback. Keith :)

  • I have emphysema, that was the diagnosis I was given after hospital tests, xrays and scans, and that's what I tell people. I see no point in the umbrella term of copd whatsoever - according to the BLF it only covers chronic bronchitis and emphysema anyway. To not be told and not want to know what condition you have is unbelievable to me. Below is a post from Mark, BLF, made about six months ago to clarify it.


    Hi Everyone

    Please take this post as what it is meant to be - to clarify some info about COPD - if you like "sorting the wheat from the chaffe (?)"

    COPD is the occurrence of chronic bronchitis or emphysema - a pair of commonly co-existing diseases of the lungs which causes the airways to narrow over time. This causes shortness of breath.

    COPD is defined by it's characteristically low air flow - spirometry used to measure the airflow - the low air flow is not reversible and gets worse over time. Whereas with asthma the restriction/low air flow is reversible.

    Asthma and COPD are two different conditions - some people with COPD also have some asthmatic compenent - but people with asthma do not have COPD. Someone with asthma for many years can find that the reversible aspect of their asthma becomes less and less, and the damage to the airways more permanent - and this permanent damage is very similar to that found in COPD - which is why some people with asthma are told they have progressed to COPD, when perhaps the more accurate term is fixed airways disease.

    The treatment of copd tends to be similar regardless of whether someone has more or less emphysema than bronchitis and vice versa. People with emphysema tend to need oxygen. Alpha 1 can affect other organs other than the lungs, so anyone with Alpha 1 may have more "complicated" treatment - but the treatment of their copd will not be any different from someone who has copd due to another cause.

    COPD affects everyone differently - everyone manages their condition differently - the treatments are generally the same across the board regardless of how your COPD started.

    Bronchiectasis (a separate condition to copd) is a permanent abnormal widening in one or more of the airways. Extra mucous tends to collect in those parts of the airway that are widened. The widened airways with mucous are prone to infection. The cause of bronchiectasis is not clear, some conditions that affect or damage the airways can cause bronchiectasis e.g. whooping cough, pneumonia, measles etc. It is possible to have both bronchiectasis and another condition.


    Mark "

  • Jeez libby7827 can you actually read?? Its my photo isn't it.

    I DO know what condition I have. I choose to call it COPD. If anyone queries it I elaborate.

    The comments I posted are not my own, but actually off a COPD website and posted Just as A POINT OF INTEREST. Any body see which way Gordon went. Also my name is Keith not GAL. GAL means "get a life". Regards Keith :)

  • Don't get drawn in Keith.

  • How rude! And to tell somebody else to get a life is even more rude.

    BTW, copd is the only term used in this country in this day and age and the BLF advise not to use information taken from non UK websites.

  • Rude but appropriate.

    I have been on this site long enough to know how others describe their condition, And I believe COPD is not the only term used used in in your country in this day and age.

    Are you SURE the BLF advises not to use information taken from non UK websites.

    Where does it say that libby7827

    You just make it up as you go along don't you libby7827. LOL ( that means laugh out loud) its not my name. :) :) Keith

  • Hopefully Mark will be along shortly to clarify. I can't quite bring myself to believe that the BLF would have such a closed mind as to not take information from non-UK sites. I always thought that it was more a 'take care' when doing so!

  • I used the word "advised".

  • The BLF didn't advise against against using information from other sites.

    We Aussies have an Australian lung foundation site, and I have yet to see them advising to to stay away from non Aussie sites, either.

    To answer your questions, we can't ask questions or post comments yet.

    And besides we are too busy trying to work out what happened to the Aussie cricketers. :) keith.

  • For anyone believing I am "making things up", i.e. lying, I have been pm'd the following by a member who doesn't wish to be involved themselves so I have deleted their identity:


    05/29/2013 Jo_BLFHelpline

    Deleted blog


    I hope you're well.

    I have deleted your post just because of the link to an Australian website, sorry but websites need to be from the UK.

    Sorry about that!


    Any queries regarding its authenticity, please contact the BLF.

  • If you would like confirmation, I suggest you contact Mark, BLF and ask.

  • Ok will do Thanks :) keith.

  • Libby, thanks very much for re-posting that from Mark.

    I can't tell you how useful it is to read that having missed it the first time round.

    I'm sure it will also help others who are recently diagnosed, recently joined BLF or floundering in the dark novices like me with my ? (as yet not properly diagnosed condition).

    I'm having my long awaited 1st CT scan on Friday. xxxxx peeg

  • Good luck with the CT scan peeg, Hope it goes well for you. :) keith

  • Don't know what to say.............................................

  • Thanks for reposting Marks definition....I have been treated for asthma for the nurse says its COPD as I used to smoke(40 years ago!) but depends who I speak to at the Health Centre! I just say I have chest problems.

  • Good Morning

    Perhaps everyone should "walk away" from this post and take a deep breath. There really isn't an argument to be had here - if it declines any further I will delete the posts and restrict the people involved.

    As for the use of overseas websites - they exist, we can't stop people looking at them - and discussing them here. But read and use with caution as not all treatments, reasearch trials ete etc ongoing in the USA etc may not be available here.



  • A rose by any other name. The name lacks importance. Actions carry the importance - obtaining a life within the condition .

  • Well, I don't know what I've got. Diagnosed with COPD by consultant, asked GP which of the diseases I had and was told I didn't need to know (but it wasn't in consultant's letter anyway). Apparently I'd need another referral for other tests which they obviously weren't going to do. (Where's the shruggy shoulders emoticon when you need it!) Not much help if I need to call an ambulance then!

  • And before the rumour mill starts grinding - Keith49 has had his account restricted - he didn't choose to leave .


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