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Has anyone heard of GLF for palliative care?

Our matron came this morning and has written in my mum's notes about GLF for palliative care. We know she is detoriating and is now receiving palliative care but I don't know what GLF stands for and what it means.

Thank you in advance


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Hi Val, I'm not really sure, but I'm thinking it may stand for Gain/Loss Factor. Perhaps ringing the BLF helpline tomorrow will throw more light on this acronym 03000 030 555

Sandra x x x


Thanks Sandra, I will try and give them a tinkle in the morning. It's difficult to speak openly as I am now with my mum 24/7. Hopefully she will have a snooze and I can ring them then


Thinking of you poppin, very difficult time, hope your resting up when you can x x x


I have found out GSF stands for gold standard framework for palliative care.


I'm glad I noticed your update Val, have been wondering what it could be but couldn't find anything on the internet. Just had another look and it came straight up! Just in case you haven't seen this website, although it's more for professionals than patients, it might be of interest to you. Libby x



Hi Libby,

Many thanks for your response and the link. I have had a quick look, and like you say, it is more for the professionals, but I'm sure I can make sense of some of it at least.

It may be helpful for anybody else either caring for or approaching final stages of any life limiting condition.

Val xx


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