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Isn't it just typical!

My most recent course of ABs gave me loads of side effects. I still have no appetite, can't taste anything and itch all over. The GP is happy these will disappear over the next few days.

So what are we doing today? We are going to a vineyard in Shropshire for a tour, lunch and wine tasting! We can't change the date as it was a gift arranged for us.

The bonus though is that I have lost 9lbs in weight already through lack of appetite. Only 2 stone to go until I reach target weight.

Lynne xx

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It's near Shrewsbury. Only about half an hour from home as we live on the Shropshire border anyway. xx

Hope you have a lovely day lynne :) xxx

You poor thing it must be awful to be constantly itching but I wouldn't mind being off my food for a bit and I don.t drink as I dont particularly like the taste but I can see how it could spoil your day out.Let's hope it does't.

Love Gail

Hi Lynne, It sounds like you won't be winning any wine tasting competitions today but the effects of the wine will probably beat any feelings those ABs have given you

Your weight loss is off to a good start and take it from me when you lose that 2 stone your targeting, you will feel so much better. As you know I have recently lost 2 stone and cannot believe the difference it has made to my life.

I feel better, I look better, my food bill has dropped, Hills are not quite such a challenge as before, I can do my laces up easier, I get very little indigestion, my old clothes fit again, the mirror is kinder to me, and last but not least my Breathing and lung function tests have improved.

I think these few things should be enough encouragement to keep that weight coming off eh' Lynne.

Have a great day and try not to sample too much of the different wines on offer.

Tony xx

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Just have 2botts o wine and you wont notice the itch,,hahahahahahah xxxx :)

oh dear Lynne, not good re the itch & loss of taste but every cloud has a silver lining eh.

Just the boost you needed for your weight loss programme.

Have a lovely time, perhaps you'll get some 'samples' to take home for when taste comes back?

Best wishes, P .... ps what was the antiB?

It was Doxycycline. I had nearly every side effect listed lol xx

AH well the upside has to be weight loss!! Try to enjoy today - hopefully wine will relieve itching! Have a great day TAD xx

Mmmm...If you knock back two glasses swiftly, you can comment on the wetness and colour, and then wait for the warm buzz. Have a good day. Adrian

Hope you enjoy the day Lynne,make sure to take samples home for later!

Have you tried fenergan for the itching? Worked a treat for me,

Love Wendells xx

Hope you have a lovely day anyway Lynne. Have a glass or two for me. Take care.xxxxxx :)

Wow Lynne you have good news and bad news.

Hope you find the nasty side affects very soon a thing of the past.

Congratulations on the weight loss though :)

Hope you had a great day out at the vineyard.

I did manage lunch out yesterday in an air conditioned restaurant.

Slept all afternoon when I got back home.

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