I had my assessment for PR and I start on August 15 for 14 weeks twice a week. The two nurses were lovely and we had a laugh! I did a 6 minute walk test where you have to increase your walking speed.I was allowed to wear my oxygen as my sats dropped from 92 to 90 walking from one chair to the next. I think I did okay and I'm looking forward to the exercises and getting a six pack lol! think I'll need to quench my thirst after an hour of exercise, yikes! :) huff xxx

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  • Delighted for you Huff! You will enjoy it I'm sure,let us know how you go.

    Loved the pic,still laughing!

    Hugs, Wendells xxx

  • Good Morning Wendells! The Top of the Morning to ya!!! I will let you know! I'm happy the pic made you laugh!!!hugs huff xxxx

  • Congrats for getting in there. I (almost) envy you! One of the best thing I ever did. x

  • Thank you! can you go again or is there a long list Toci? I'm going to carry on after the course at a local gym with my daughter! :) xxx

  • I have done it 3 times, at various stages of my illness. It is good to keep it going. xx

  • Huff, I was interested to read your post. I have had assessment, and will be having another then the PR itself. I am looking forward but wont hold my breath in case it doesn't work for me. Love annieseedxx

  • I hope it works for you and you enjoy it Annie, we will do it together! fight the fight against copd!! hugs huff xxxxxx

  • Thanks, huffer. I have read all the messages

    here with interest. some people have been so unlucky. From what I have seen, think I will be OK.

  • So pleased to hear you are off to PR - I have nearly finished my course, but would pay to be able to continue ! I feel stronger and fitter, and have met some wonderful people. The exercise regime is doable , the talks are really interesting and informative, but overall it is fun, almost a social get together. I know you will enjoy it. Good luck and let us know how it goes. xx

  • Thanks so much!!!! I'm so pleased it was good for you and you had some fun Huffnpuffer!!! I will let you know how I get on soon! hugs huff xxxxxx

  • Hi Huffer,

    I`m starting rehab on Monday 11th August. I too am looking forward to going. I`m sure it will give me some much needed notivation. We`ll have to compare notes!

    Sue x

  • I went for my walk test two weeks ago and will never go for another. The physio in charge was so patronizing and so clearly not in the least interested in my welfare just numbers and targets. As we came through the door she told my husband she was so glad that he could make it with me that day when they phoned earlier. We sat down and she said lets go through your notes I see you cancelled one of your appointments, I said no we had never cancelled as I explained there had been an admin mix up and were unable to make it on the day given. She then said we don't have any contact information for you, I said you do or you were given that information didn't you use it to phone and check with my husband that we were going to attend today!!!! She said we are the people who make you do things you don't want..so nobody like us.....I said I was more than happy to attend the exercise classes but would not be there for the lectures as we don't drive and it's so out of our way no adequate bus service and if I went by ambulance my husband would not be allowed to travel with me and he works and cannot take two days a week off to be there. She said we have to attend all the sessions 2 weekly for 7 weeks. She sad no medical information about my condition I told her I was on oxygen and had portable oxygen with me, she complained and said I had to carry it do the test, I was not informed in my letter and assumed one of the nurses would do it as I had severe osteoporosis and weighed less than 5 Stone, she was quite hostile and said you will have to do it yourself in classes. I did the test, she said I was not ready??? Claiming there were 100's trying to get on one of their courses whatever their condtion. Needless to say I won't be attending, by husband was furious

  • Wow!that is really bad what happened to you, not only have they been out of order they have stopped you from doing a good thing for your health. I was thinking I would not want to go if this had happened to me but maybe you could get a free pass from your doctor to go to a gym in your area, I will go to the gym with my daughter every week after the rehabs over. Please don't let someone you don't really know stop you from keeping as well as you can, we have to fight the fight against copd together! good luck Caroll xxx huff x

  • Hello Airhunter, I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience, it sounds really awful. No one has the right to treat you so badly .and be so familiar and rude. They have now put you off the valuable time you would have spent doing exercise with medical guidance and care on hand. With your small frame you would need a little trolley for your oxygen, but considering the transport problems you have you might be better off doing gentle yoga exercises at home, your hubbie could do it with you perhaps. I'm sorry you had a time like that and I hope they haven't put you off exercise,we have to stick together in this fight against copd and all that goes with it! hugs huff xxxxxx

  • agree there hufferpuffer.soms ppl are down rite gits.makes me wonder if they no wats round there corner.take care

  • Hi Caroll sorry you had such a bad experience at PR, sure it s not the norm judging by what other people have written here and my own experience. Nothing but encouragement and a lot of good advice and a good few laughs. Plus tea and bikkies after all in all a pleasure to go although it does take an effort to get there sometimes.

  • I'm looking forward to meeting the group and the tea and bikkies and good advice and a laugh!!!! :D X

  • Definately Susie!!good luck we'll soon be fighting fit!!! huff xxxxx :)

  • Fantastic news Huffer. You must be so pleased. I hear great things about PR and my doctor recently referred me to a course so still waiting. I cant wait to hear how you get on. Love the pic xx

  • Thank you Twinks! glad you like the pic,it's all about fighting the fight!!! I can't wait to hear how YOU get on!!! LOL We'll have to compare notes! good luck with yours, huff xxxx

  • HI Hufferpuffer.The PR will stand you in good stead for the London Marathon!!!!

  • Yes KOTC I would like that!!! I'm doing my best to fight the fight and I'm in the middle of a battle against the wasps in the garden agggghhhh! :) x

  • If you want to get rid of the wasps from your garden, throw some rotting fruit into next doors garden, Hee HEE

  • I am in the middle of PR now ... it's good . and the best lesson I have had is to pace myself and not push .... different day to day as well. Glad you doing this. x

  • I wish we were going along together Julie, I will think of you and remember to pace myself! thank you , I'm glad you are doing it too, fighting the fight,hugs huff xxxx

  • Just do what you are able to do we are all different and listen to your body good luck.

  • Thank you Rick, I will remember what you said and bring some water with me! :) x

  • Good news Huf - enjoy hun.

    love cx

  • Thank you cofdrop I will try! :D XXXX

  • Great news Hufferpuffer. I really hope yours will be as good as mine is. The physiotherapists who run it are kind, patient, knowledgeable and very genuine. They explain everything.

    The exercises are simple but fine for getting you gently fitter. Strengthening ones and cardiovascular ones.

    I'm pleased as punch. I can certainly do more now than I could the first week. everyone is encouraged to go at there own pace and only push them selves if they're able.

    Yesterday a new, quite frail chap joined and Helen was at his side throughout, even doing the 6 minute walk with him?

    A shame Carroll and Airhunter didn't have such good luck. I've only ever heard positive things about PR.

    You go girl :-)

  • hi peeg.at the rehab I went in Oldham was 2 nures 1 was small an 1 tall in t shirt an traky pants.on the chairs was forms wen we pressed against a wall had to tik if we was breathless walk round a chair ad tik again then tiny step up down ad tik again 1minute on treadmill then of,they 2 nurse was sat at the other end chatin laughin,2 each other,then we got this horribl nurse dressed all in blue with her hat on,talkin bout dyin an makin a will for 50pound,god,no brethin exercises no info on lungs nothing.was a waste andepressin time not forme.i took my earade out had ad enuff,now in the post im getting letters of mcmillon to make a donation .ive never giv them my address or anything .my family is fed up now my son takes themail now ,were is the care for us in that.shoking really.money money .well instead of wastin the money on post/they should be spendon it on treatments for lung disease,wont get out of me.ive payed my taxes now they will treat me,wat I have will go to my family its big enuff,takecare

  • Thank you Peeg! That makes me feel keen to start!!! fighting fit! yes,yes,yes!xxx huff :) xxx

  • I was pleased to read the favourable reports. Thanks peeg.

  • I hope you will be lucky too Annieseed.

    They are so supportive at mine. Another chap (who's just finished his course) is very forgetful and couldn't remember from one week to the next what to do but every session one of the physios has gone through the exercises with him as though it's the first time.

    Sounds as though Carroll's lot need the sack! Good luck xx

  • We had the same thing as a pilot in my area(Thanet) and really enjoyed it.We had two physio nurses who were lovely and only let you do as much as they thought would not over tax us and we got on very well as a group of about 20..After about 12 weeks we had a review by their head of Dept.and we all said how much good it was doing us and how much we enjoyed it.Two weeks later they stopped it without giving any reason (I suspect funding)We were told we could be referred to another programme (not NHS) which I attended once and was not impressed..Hope your area is more forward thinking than they are in my area.

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