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Weather change

Well everyone we had a bad thunderstorm during the night here in the midlands, but it,s still very muggy.Hows the weather with everyone else.One good thing about it was it saves watering the garden and plant pots.Bought a new hand held massager for my arthritic joints,from Niagara health company. Beware if considering one this unit is very heavy to lift and manouvre if you have arthritic hands, so may not be suitable for some individuals and is very costly to find it's unsuitable after purchase.It is also recommended for massaging the chest to clear mucus in lung conditions.

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Wish we'd had some thunder - it might have cleared the air. The forecasts say rain, but we haven't seen any yet....we're down on the south coast, between Southampton & Portsmouth. I bought an air conditioning unit last week, it works well, heaven knows how much electricity it's using though........I don't think Keith would have survived last week without it, our weather really does go from one extreme to the other. I have 2 hot cross bunnies (Yoda & Pebbles ) in the garden, with their fur coats on they aren't too impressed either!


Hiya Gidge

You should have seen our Spike the guinea pig. Munched his way round the lawn last night then sprawled absolutely flat. Didn't even budge when I told him the owls were going to get him. Put him back in his hutch and he went out like a light. He hates the heat.

Bobby xx


My daughter dunked her two Guinea pigs in some water - they were a bit indignant, but enjoyed cooling off whilst they dried........I've just been in Pets at Home and the baby bunnies in there looked very hot.The girl just said'oh, it's better than last week' so that's alright then....


We too had huge storms for several hours. It has cleared it but as you would expect after a storm, it is humid.

Lynne xx


No rain or storms in the Norfolk/Suffolk area. Humid.


Had thunder last night/this morning, but I,m finding it harder to breathe now as its very muggy here too, I think I need a really good storm, clear the air properly instead of just making air heavier :'(

Never happy are we lol




We had very heavy rain for a few hours this morning alongside a short thunderstom here in Glasgow but it is still very humid! M


The thunder and lightening, it has absolutely hissed down here in Hottingham on and off all last night and all day



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