Great Tuesday with my Immunologist

What a complete change from yesterday. Seen my immunologist today, what a man. Listen , talked, chatted and the way forward is immunoglobulin transfusion every three weeks, a months supply of antibiotics to be taken before the infection starts and to be taken for 2 weeks, see you in the Immune deficiency Unit in 6 months. By which time I should see a small difference in the amount of infection I am getting. Thank you doc you have put my faith back in doctors. Well some of them.

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  • Great news - makes such a difference when you see someone who cares, listens and has a positive plan! TAD xx

  • Oh, that is brilliant news, Graeme. I'm so glad you've got a consultant who actually listens to you :)

    Sandra x x x

  • I am really pleased for you. Being listened to and treated appropriately is not a lot to ask but it seems, in my experience, that far too few doctors can meet basic levels. My faith is a little restored when I hear stories like this. x

  • Thank the lord for immunology Greame, so glad you have had some reassuring news & that things should be a little better for you now :)



  • Hiya Graeme

    I am so pleased that today turned out to be a good one for you. I'm really, really pleased for you. Now get your head down and concentrate, you have some funnies to write up.

    Best regards from Bobby

  • So pleased he gave you the pick me up that you needed and are now feeling more positive. Wonderful what a good doctor can do.

    xx :)

  • Really pleased you had positive news today Graeme, Good news that he expects your amount of infections to improve.

    Anna xxx

  • Great news Graeme, so pleased for you.

    Need some good news in this very hot weather.

    Take care


  • What a very positive day for you berwick. Great news and good to know that your doctor is on the ball. Hope the treatment works really well for you. Good luck and stay as well as you can. Thinking of you. xxxxxxxxxx

  • Pleased for you Graeme


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