I've added the the Categories - we are limited to the number of categories we can have. Hopefully the categories are representative of the issues discussed. We cannot have a category for every lung condition so we have gone with the most common conditions discussed on the community. The categories are:

COPD - all things relating to the treatment, management and diagnosis of COPD.

Pulmonary Fibrosis - all things relating to the treatment, management and diagnosis of the many conditions often referred to as pulmonary fibrosis or scarring - the Interstitial Lung Diseases.

Lung cancer - all things relating to the treatment, management and diagnosis of lung cancer, including mesothelioma and other asbestos related lung cancers.

Different lungs - all things related to the management, treatment and diagnosis of all the other lung conditions.

Breathing worries - for anyone who hasn't got a diagnosed condition and has worries about any aspect of their breathing and lungs.

Oxygen - anything to do with using oxygen, getting oxygen prescribed, oxygen equipment, arranging oxygen for holidays etc.

New/ different - discuss research trials and any other treatments not part of the usual treatment of lung conditions e.g. complimentary therapies.

Financial issues - for welfare benefits, fuel costs and other money related issues.

Humour - were all jokes and funny posts should be.

General Chat - a place to talk about anything not directly linked to living with a lung condition.

Please try and allocate your post to the most appropriate category - and please keep posts on topic.



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  • That sounds really great Mark. Thank you for all your work on this.

    Lynne xx

  • Hi Mark Catergories look good. Is it possible to move a post to a different category if something is posted to the wrong one initially ?

    Thanks for the work you and the team have put in on this.


  • You'd probably have to copy your original post before deleting it, then paste it into the new section. Libby

  • Yes - I think you just go to the edit button on your post and you can change the category. I've done it on some posts.

  • Thanks Mark, but please tell me I'm not the only one who can't see the new categories? Have closed down and logged in again but still nothing. Libby

  • Hi

    They appear when you write a post.

    But where do there appear on the main site?

  • Great - looking forward to seeing the changes


  • rOops - just noticed - they are on the right of the screen, under the heading 'Browse by categories' !

  • Actually, no, don't see a complete list - think I'll go back to sleep and looka again later

  • Ha ha, me too, no clue how you would slot it into a category and they're not all there anyway. Spose they'll appear later - I thought they'd be along the top where posts and questions are.

  • Categories sound just fine and a good question by Oldwheezer too :)

  • Thanks for the category info, good to know we can still have a chat on other subjects.

  • Than you Mark. Please keep laughing and smiling


  • Hi

    The categories appear when you write a post. I think categories will only appear on the right of the home screen when there are posts actually in that category.

    I'm not sure about changing categories - I'll have to check as obviously we may want to move posts around.

    Leave it with me - but it may be a couple of days before I get the answer.



  • Aaaah, makes sense.

  • Yup - found the categories - when you do a new post you need to scroll toth e bottom of the page and you can shoose which category you want to post in. Thanks Mark !

  • This is good, Mark, and thank you. I see that you put "two general chats" and no "humour" for me. Is it a wise decision just to stick to your categories, and not go visiting anywhere else. Perhaps if I put more health information in my personal account. Thanks for your hard work, and the wish that you are having a peaceful time of it. Let me know the answer to my question, please.

  • Two "General chats" is a mistake and I want to find out how to delete one.

  • Well done Mark. Thank you and yours for the work you are putting in. I reckon it will be a great improvement.

  • Thanks for that Mark and I am sure it is appreciated. xxxxx

  • I browsed by category, using the COPD listed in questions. It brought up 2 questions that were not really COPD related but missed today's asked by Puffless? Am I doing it wrong?

  • When thinking about which post to use perhaps first consider is the post directly linked to your condition. For example if you are posting about the weather and how it affects your breathing (and you have COPD) then you should use the COPD category. But if you are talking about the weather and how this could be the hottest summer since 1976 and sharing your memories then the post should be in the General chat category.

  • Yes,I think it's worked out realy well,good job done!!

    Appreciate the hard work put in,I don't envy you!

    Good luck with it all

    Wendells xx

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