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Just wondering

Have only just managed to get back on site so was just wondering if the likes of jandan, Libbygood, sweetthing12, Annec have also managed to navigate their way back. It has been a real pain but glad to be back now. How is everyone doing? Enjoying the good weather I hope. Pete having back problems but now has a TENS machine to use. Will see if that helps. Love to all and "hi" to Annieseed and Hypercat especially. xxxxxxxxxxx :)

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Hello sassy59, yes we're all still around and managed to find our way back, good to hear from you. It took me a while but I persevered. We had a huge thunderstorm about 3-30 am still rumbling on a bit. The air seems so heavy and I definitely feel lacking energy. Sorry Pete is having back problems, something I've never had. Hope you'll be back again soon.

Lib x


Hiya Sassy.

I am still around. lol Pete should be ok with his TENS. I got one three years ago and it has been a godsend. It's bucketing down with rain in Oldbury and it's lovely.

Bobby xxx


Yes everyone is around on site but it has taken time, and the email system is back to normal and better too I think. Nice to see you back with us too


I think most people are about, but for me, I have had problems with this weather. I have got used to the new set up. All the best from annieseed xx


Thanks everyone for your replies. Good to hear from you all. I am sure Pete will do well with the TENS machine Bobby as something just has to work for the poor man. Take care everyone and hope nobody gets too wet. We have had nothing on the South Coast so far but could all kick off tonight. Love to all. xxxxxx


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