Jokey time

Lady's dishwasher breaks down so she calls a repairman. She has to go out so tells him 'Don't worry about my bulldog, he won't bother you, but whatever you do don't under any circumstances, talk to my parrot!

The man starts work, wary of the biggest meanest look bulldog he's ever seen. But it just lays there watching him work. The parrot however drives him nuts, yelling and cursing.

Finally the man snaps and yells 'Shut the .... up ya annoying ........' Parrot replies,


Bev xx

8 Replies

  • Ha ha, carnage!! :-P

  • I like that one Bev. You can picture it happening can't you.

    Bobby xxx

  • Yep Lol xx

  • Oh didn't see that one coming Bev, LOL I like it, well done


  • What a great one,couldent have guessed the ending!xxx

  • love it, didnt see that coming lol xx

  • Love it Bev! love your wicked sense of humour, hope you're having a good weekend xxxxxx

  • If you changed the name to Kevin, that would be more like it LOL :) xx

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