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to beatles / Adrian & anyone else interested in gardens!

A great post Adrian. Like your last one I recall!

I too have a pretty London garden (shared, a bit annoyingly with the flat below). I long to have a garden of my own but do my best with this small one. I've tried to make it like an outside room. Climbing roses, honeysuckle, foxgloves, lavender.

There's my own small conservatory too which is attached to the building where my back door is. This is wood, painted white (due for a new coat), designed by me & built by my clever son a few years ago. Inside I made canvas roof curtains to look like sails as shade from the sun. It's east and south facing so gets like a furnace in Summer. Great in Spring & Autumn.

I live in a Victorian 'maisonette'. I love it.

Lucky me, to the west, front, I look over a lovely London garden with railings (we had lottery funding to restore the park to it's turn of the century glory a few years ago. It took a year)!

Only native trees, shrubs & flowers. Old water fountain near the middle. In the centre where the bandstand used to be we could only afford to make a large paved area for bands, gatherings etc. There's a little tiny shed where a nice Italian guy sells proper coffee and real ice cream. At the moment lots of families, picnics & little tiny people whizzing round on scooters.

Last Sunday we had some really good bands playing most of the day as well as welcoming home of the London-Paris-London cycling team who raised thousands for colitis. Wednesday the annual teddy bears picnic. I always help out when I can.

re picnics, I have to keep a tight rein on my hungry Lab!

What's great is that I've just discovered that my own WiFi works on the nearest bench.

To the rear I overlook a couple of gardens from around the corner plus the local primary school field with it's trees and sound of children playing.

I couldn't be further away from you in SW London with Wimbledon Common a half hour (uphill) walk away. Richmond Park not to far either. Has anyone seen the YouTube Benson clip? That could have been Fred & I.

I'm looking forward to winning the lotto so as to pay off the mortgage and stay here for ever :D (which reminds me, a little stroll into the centre 6 minutes away is on the cards).

Adrian, thank you for your post & have a lovely weekend in your lovely garden - also anyone else lucky enough to have a patch of their own, or a balcony?

xxx peeg

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Sounds absolutely lovely peeg. :)


thank you, it's all a bit shabby really but nice shabby (I hope)! I'm really appreciating it at the moment because I've not felt so well for ages and I'm seeing clearly what's been in front of me all along.



What an equally lovely description of your garden peeg. Like the sound of that Italian guy with his coffee and ice cream, I would be a regular visitor there!

I have a balcony (well in fact two being greedy!) one where the sun hits from morning to night so that's usually where I decamp. I do have various pots and tubs which I have collected over many, many years but sadly some of the flowers are wilting a bit in the sun. It's still my oasis though and I would be lost without it. :) xx


ah that sounds lovely too. Two balconies of your own, I'd be happy with that!

I always get geraniums & lavender because they dont need too much water. Used to grow geraniums in North Africa and they always survived a long Summer drought (along with the poinsettia trees & bouganvillia - that I cant spell).

I have to avoid the Italian ice cream (made with blooming cream) but I sometimes cant resist the Ice Cream man that comes around for a Mr Whippie!

Whoops, does that sound rude?

He's an annoying man in the van. 2 years ago he told me the ice cream was made of skimmed milk. I've just found out it was a total lie, the swine so I have to ration myself. I often walk over with my own coffee or tea though :)


I love lavender and the butterflies do too - since I can't have a bird bath because of the rotten fur bag cat, they will do nicely. I've actually managed after four years to get my honeysuckle thriving but the clematis is very poorly. :( I will give geraniums a go next season - a splash of colour is so cheery. Now I fancy a Mr Whippy ice cream but they don't appear here - too many of the more elderly residents so they assume they won't be interested. Humpfh LOL :) xx


Sadly, I have a huge garden that was once my pride and joy but I have been unable to keep it up the last 4 years or so due to the worsening of my health and it's now just a totally overgrown mess, although in the summer many of the shrubs and bushes still flower amongst the 2 or 3 feet of grass, blackberries and weeds and at least the birds and butterflies love it.


Oh no. I hope you aren't too sad about it. If I were nearer I'd come & clear a patch for you.

At PR I picked up a leaflet the other day - Handyperson Service 'a service to help you maintain your home and garden regardless of age'. I think it's run by ageUK. Have a google, there might be one in your area too.

My youngest daughter's boyfriend organises getting things done for people (London based, sorry but perhaps there's something similar where you live?).

He has a growing team of fit people who run or cycle. He matches them up with a person or organisation (like a library who need books shifting). The young people run miles to the job, do it & then run home. Happy that they've had some exercise and at the same time helped someone out.



Peeg, That is a brilliant post and so evocative can almost picture the view from your house. Sounds like you live In a posher part of town than me however our road is half Victorian and Edwardian, but not large houses. I love the London square gardens with the railings, they were usually built for the better off families so nanny could walk their mistresses babies etc. A bit Mary Poppins!

Love the description of your garden, many people have said about the therapeutic value of gardens on this site. - I agree 100%.

But confession - my wife is the main gardener, I get involved where I can.

Happy weeding ....Adrian


Thank you peeg, I loved reading about your garden ( late as usual with the reply!) I'm glad you are feeling well enough now to enjoy it more, hope you're having a lovely weekend, huff x :)


Adrian& Peeg,what lovely posts,I felt that I could imagen your gardens,with those lovely descriptions.

We have quite a large garden,that backs onto the golf course,which has a bit of wild life on,with the odd kangaroo,& koalas,up the tree.

Our garden has mainly Aussie natives,eg.Acacias,Grevillean,Banksia,&calhstemons,also Eucalyptus trees&gum trees.Several shrubs,that I'm not sure of there name lol!

We also have a 'roundabout' which has roses en mass,& a few gentler flowers.

Love Wendells xxx


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