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Is this it? Is the site up and running fully yet


I'm kind of waiting for e mail notifications to kick in as nothing seems to be as good as it was yet. One day I'm sure all will be well but its happening a little slow, or maybe its me and I'm missing something.

How are you all getting on with the new set up.

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Slow, I have only just returned but as yet no e mails

are directed to me.

I do love this site, but it is frustrating at the moment.

Will be a lot easier when the mail box works again.

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I've just sent you a PM.

No it's not fully operational yet Tony, changes coming one by one and more on the horizon early next week I believe. The site seems more stable at the moment and more and more people are able to get their way back again which is better for the community. :) xx

I only managed to access this site for the first time yesterday since the changeover, so perhaps there are others like me who had problems.

nice to see you again knitter! huff x

I managed to get on through my original Internet Explorer this morning, have not been able to do that before so it must be improving.

Still a few hiccups I think.

polly xx

There was a message yesterday saying the email facility will be back up next week. I'm not finding getting on a problem apart from having to log in every time, but they are looking to have that fixed next week too.

I'm getting used to it to be honest.

Lynne xx

Tony, I love it that your tag says "running" and so will come up whenever anyone is looking for exercise tips! :)

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haha, I saw that too. Very apt for Tony. I always think of him when I hear Kate Bush singing 'Runing Up That Hill'. (Malvern Hills that is).

Tony, be patient, hang on in thee. It will be complete soon - then we'll have to adjust all over again. Ah well, exercises the brain. xxx

Hi Tony how are you seems ages since we last posted to each other are you still troubled with chest infections , I have been doing 4 miles everyday with Fran it gets easier every time the sun has not hindered me at all my meds tell me to stay out the of direct sunlight, I don't like the new forum I have to sign in everytime I click on H/U web page. Have you broke anymore records recently. MC.

Hi Tony! :) x

I prefer the look and feel of the new site, it looks fresh. I have not explored it all yet. Once the email notification is up and running I believe it will be a much better site overall. I think the BLF techie guys have done a very good job given their very limited resources. Adrian

Didn't think I'd ever get back into the site again. Then the other moring I checked again and got in straight away. It's really good now.M

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