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Prednisolone 25mg

I have been taking Prednisolone 25mg for only two days, and I feel as though I could run to china.

My breathing has improved greatly, and I feel generally healthier.

I managed a 20 min. walk on the treadmill this morning at 4.5 klm/h.

Two days ago I was flat out doing 5 mins at 3 klm/h. Pity I cant stay on it for ever. I know, I know. Keith :)

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I'm glad to hear it Keith. Doesn't it make a huge difference? It's a miracle drug really. After I did we'll on a short course, my GP put me onto inhaled steroids (not the same side effects) for good and they help a lot. I'm on Seretide500 but I still have the tablets in my rescue kit.

Well done on the treadmill. I haven't been to the gym since before my exacerbation. We are so busy with the allotment now, that there has been no time. I will go back when the allotment starts to slow again.

It's almost as if my summer exercise s digging and weeding and it's the gym the rest of the year.

Lynne xx

I'm also on seretide but 250/25, and it made a difference to me straight away. I'm always on spiriva as I think most of us are, but prior to the seretide I was on onbrez, but that made me worse. The other day before I even got the prednisolone, I was struggling to breathe so I took the onbrez as well. Huge mistake, I only walked out the car to go to the shops, and that was it. I really thought the car was going to be my coffin. Threw the onbrez in the bin. Really must stick to only whats prescribed. Keith.

Well done Keith when I've been on Prednisolone I've had so much energy I've then cleaned the house from top to bottom I'm also on Seretide 250 I was on Seretide 500 but it made my ankles swell so I asked to come of it, I may one day have to go back on it though take care xx Bliss

Hi Keith,

Prednisone sure is a great help. I've only been on it a few times, but what a difference it makes. My husband was on it for over 2 years, he had Ulcerative Colitis, but has since had the op to remove his colon, he's been off it for about a year but had terrible problems trying to do so. Plus he also seems to have acquired a number of ailments since stopping eg arthritis. We're never sure if they were caused by the steroid or if, as he's in his sixties, the Prednisolone was masking the symptoms of old age!! :-)

Well we are different Keith! Onbrez,has realy saved me!

You stated,you are only sticking to what is perscribed,you would not have been able to get onbrez,over the counter surely?Just curious!

Cheers Wendells xx

No Wendells I was prescribed onbrez before I was prescribed seretide, but was taken off it. and had some left over.

But in desperation I thought I'd give it another go. Big Mistake. Sorry for the confusion. Keith :)

Prednisolone saved my life when I was nineteen - I had Crohn's Disease and was 5 stone fat. They put me on a huge dose of 30mg six times daily and bang! changed my life dramatically. Now when I take it at a much much lower level of 10mg per day it allows me to actually move around and do things. Sure the side effects can be not pleasant but I would rather be able to breathe and live. Great news that you are starting to turn around now :) xx

Hello Keith,

Yes, Prednisolone, as others have said, is a wonder drug and each time I have been hospitalized with breathing troubles I have been subscribed it. Usually takes 2 or 3 days to kick in but when it does it really works well.

The only downside I have found was, when I used Ibuprofen for a headache after discharge from hospital and still taking Prednisolone - I had bad reaction causing me to become breathless and I had to get a nebulizer from my GP.

I have since learnt only to use Paracetamol for headaches when using Prednisolone that has also been confirmed as safe by my respiratory nurse.

I echo your thoughts of retaining Prednisolone beneficial effects - nice while it lasts.

Good wishes, Pete

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