I just received a e-mail from healthunlocked with reference a problem.

With my I-pad

The advise given was to clear cookies and cache from the settings.

This will apply to all browsers.

Over the past few days you will have been-loading and unloading different pages, which may have a glitch, the cookies and cache may have retained some of these errors.

By clearing you cookies and cache you start with a clean sheet,

Of course this will effect other websites, so you may have to resign in to any where details are remembered , not all will be affected.

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  • Thanks Stone. That's really helpful.

    Lynne xx

  • Spooky, my computer became very unstable yesterday and after running a fix-me scan, shed loads of problems emerged. Four hours later, clean computer and no problems at all in logging in etc. :) xx

  • Excuse me Stone, Hi Scrobbs how and from where do you run a fix me scan ?

  • Hiya Chris - I run it as an add on from my AVG virus programme, I think I had to pay extra for it but it has saved me on several occasions - well worth the money and can recommend it :) xx

  • I wll try that, thanks

  • Advanced SystemCare 6 has a free version. I've used it for ages and it's quite good.

    Also CCleaner. Another I have used for years. The free version is very good.

    There is another one that cleans adware that is hidden in your PC. It's a bit more techy but finds stuff the others don't even know are there. If you need any help with this one just post on here.

    It's called AdwCleaner.

  • Hi there is several tune up program's that will also clear your browser history,

    I have Norton on my laptop.

    Various freebies on my desktop.

    But there non for mobile devices?

  • Advance System Care listed above does.

  • That's some really helpful information to share - thanks for doing that!

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