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Does anyone suffer with snoring, shuddering since having COPD?

I really could do with a little advise. My husband suffers with severe COPD and I am having terrible trouble getting any sleep! He goes to sleep fairly easily (even in this heat) but within an hour has moved on to his back and is snoring and worse than that, seems to make a much harsher exhalation which causes the bed to move really! The mattress shudders. I have been waking him up and asking him to move onto his left side, which he has been doing for well over a year and all has been well. BUT he has developed bursitis (tennis elbow) in his right elbow and has a very bad pain in the top of this left arm (I think he has trapped something - a dull aching pain) which is much worse after sleeping on it. The result is he obviously wants to sleep on his back which is fine for an hour but after that it is horrendous. We have no other available beds - all occupied by children (although I resorted to getting into bed with one of my daughters at the weekend. We have just had our bedroom recently fitted out so the only available space for a bed is taken with our bed. Any ideas? Does anyone suffer with much worse snoring? Have you heard of the shuddering thing? Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks

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My husband used to be like that he used to snore, hold his breath then make that harsh exhalation, I used to listen to him and count how long he was holding his breathe for.

He has sleep apnoea and has to use a CPAP machine it is great no more snoring but I had to get used to the sound of the machine.

Why not mention it to the resp nurse or the doctor.

polly xx


Thank you - he is going for a PR assessment on Monday so will ask the nurse then. TAD xx


Pollyjj's reply could have been mine - word for word. Good advice. x


I would agree that it needs mentioning to a resp nurse

not only for your husband but for you as well.

Lib x


Agree with Stitch - this sounds like sleep apnoea, which I was tested for as routine - all clear. This needs to be referred to a respiratory professional....good luck Adrian


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