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About three weeks ago i got a lung infection, and my GP put me on a 5 day course of Rulide 300mg. and Augmentin Duo Forte 875mg-125mg.

When there was no difference in my condition I had to repeat the same 5 day course, but to no effect so he put me on prednisolone 5mg for 7 days. That had little or no effect either, so now I'm on Prednisolne 25mg. for 5 days. Has anyone else gone down the Prednisolone path and how successful was it for you. Keith :) Oh and a pox on people who go out in public with a horrendous flu and cough and splutter all over every one else. We are not amused. :(

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Not sure what condition you have, but my husband has IPF. when he has an infection he has 30mgs pred. for 3 days, 20mgs for 3 days, 10mgs for 3 dcays then 5 for a couple of weeks, which I understand is a fairly standard approach. Hope this helps....


Good Morning, My husband has severe COPD and always needs a course of steroids with his anti-biotics usually 30mg for 5 days. This does usually help him and relatively quickly. If your breathing is not any easier please go back to the doctor - or ring the BLF helpline they might be able to advise. TADxx

Yes a definite pox on germy people who have no idea of the potential harm they can do.

By jiggling about and trying different combinations, I find that 10mg prednisolone and doxycycline for seven days helps me when I have an exacerbation. A higher dose doesn't seem to make any difference - sometimes I need to continue with them for longer but that may be more to do with recently being diagnosed with Lupus. I will find out in due course when I am actually able to get an appointment to see a consultant. Hope the new dosage sorts you out soon. Take care. :) xx

Scrobbitty were on earth did you get your picture from, I'm sure you don't really look like this, unless all the chocolate is turning you, worrying


Hi Gidge I have COPD the bronchiectasis type,and had been going real well (doing regular exercise etc.) till I caught the flu and got the accompanying lung infection. I had even had the flu shot for the first time this year. Things that make you go hmm. And Grrr.

Hi Tadaw, yes I'm only to take the Prednisolone 25 for 5 days then go back to my GP. I hope it does the job. I'm over it.

Keith :)

Hi scrobbitty, I hope this new course does the job for me. Although my script is for 30 25mg tabs with 4 repeats. Is my GP trying to tell me something?

How often do you have exacerbations? I hope mine is a one off just caught the flu job. I was diagnosed with COPD 7 years ago and this is the first time I've had any other trouble (Flu) Cheers Keith :)

Steroids do the trick admirably I find but of course there are drawbacks i.e. the thinning skin and the bone density loss but on balance for me being to breathe easier cancels those out. LOL on the GP - probably just to save you a trip back to the surgery? I have runs of exacerbations - I seem to get one after another for about five repeats and then am fine for a couple of months - it gets set off again, like you, when I come into contact with an inconsiderate poorly person. I try to ward it off by plastering my hands and area around the nose (and even inside the nostrils) with an anti bacterial gel - that worked a treat until I forgot to do it religiously when going out - my bad, my fault. My immune system is definitely on a strike - that's the next battle to try to do something about it. Scrobbs :) xx

You don't sound thin skinned to me scrobbitty. :) Yes that's right, like its been said when you cant breathe nothing else matters. As far as the immune system goes i had been taking a zinc tablet and a 1mg b12 every day, until I ran out. And now I come to think of it, it was about the time that I ran out that I got the flu. My god did you hear the penny drop? Definitely food for thought. Take care Keith :)

Find that penny! So you're off to get some more zinc and b12 then I suspect. I take a multi-vitamin daily and have found when I forgot to do so, I worsened. Now it is the first thing I do each morning even before the inhalers. You've got to find what works for you and stick with it and that advice is to me too LOL :) xx

This is all great to see how everyone manages their condition.

I've learnt so much on this site :D :D xx

My standby course for exacerbations is Prednisolone 30mg daily for 7days plus Erythromycin 4 times daily for 7days. I guess all GP's vary in how they prescribe.

Best wishes

Jo :-)

I am on a 12 month course of Prednisolone to try to control my lung disease (Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis). I started on 40mg for a month etc, now down to 25mg until the specialist is happy with a level to stay at. I feel like it's given me a 2nd shot at feeling good again. Before, I was at the point of hyperventilating quite a bit and had deteriorated significantly. Now though, I have so much energy (well, to a point!) and can breathe easier. yes, there are some unpleasant side-effects, but you learn to live with those and the benefits of Prednisolone far outweigh those side effects.

Persevere - I'm in it for the long run - moonface and all!

Jean :-)

Hi Keith

You may be interested in my experience.

When I get a lung infection, I am usually put on Ciproxin 500mg twice daily and Prednisolone 40 mg for 5 days, reducing to 35 on day 6, 30mg on day 5 and so on.

This works 50 percent of the time.

I have found that Augmenton duo is like eating smarties and does absolutely nothing for me.

There is the worry of course while taking Prednisolone the bones deteriorate.

Good luck with your medication.


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