Area where we live

We use to be able to click on a person and see which area of the country they lived in, don't seem to be able to do that now.

Also if someone sends you a private message, how do you know, where does it show on your page please?


It also keeps telling me I am spelling my name wrong, I've only had it for 61 years, need to check that out......

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  • Hi

    Click home on green banner

    Click messages on left pane below your picture. Or click you name on green banner select from menu.

  • Thank you Stone that was just what I needed along with some really coooooool weather, lol


  • If you have a message waiting to be read, then you get a red tab with the number of messages right next to your name in the green banner. So you do not need to open messages if you just want to see if anyone sent you one.

    Anna x

  • Thank you

  • Hey I just got a message, lol, thanks Anna

  • your welcome :)

  • Hi Peta, if you have a message, it appears in a red circle by your name on the green bar :) I got all excited when I had one LOL :) xx

  • Thank you

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