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All this talk of being young and what we did in out childhood has got me brooding a bit. I don't remember being happy past the


age of 10/11, It was then that I got terrible acne and to make things worse my eyesight became very bad and I had to wear glasses full time. I got called so many names - ugly, speccy 4 eyes etc. that it permanantly damaged my self esteem and confidence. Isn't it awful how cruel kids can be to each other. Even my mother said when I was about 16 that no man would ever want me! I believed her too.

I had my eyes done by laser 8 years ago and it was the best thing I have ever done! From having the worse sight in the family I now have the best.

I still have bad acne scars even with 2 dermabrasions. (Scraping off the top layers of skin). I would love to have laser on my face but got told its not now available on the NHS and I would have to pay for it.

I'm rambling - will stop now. Thanks for listening.

Bev xx

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What a shame all these people didn't realise that looks are only skin deep. It's what's inside that counts, Kindness, reliability. honesty, those are the real values.

Your family and genuine friends know who and what you are, and if you are happy with what they think, the rest don't matter.

breathe easy, and cheer up,


All too sadly we live in a shallow society - people are unwilling or unable to look beyond the outer wrapping. John definitely sums it up perfectly above. Let your radiance shine through Bev - that's all that counts :) xx

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