help with re-applying for esa!

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Your Letter: hi,i have recently again failed a tribunal for esa,i had tb the end of 2008 and since then went downhill badly,i now have copd(emphysema & bronchitis) arthritis in knees and trapped nerves in back and hands,i have just been told that i cant apply for esa again as i dont have a "new illness",i have been told to claim jsa but i know myself and thru my doc that i am unfit for work,and advice or help will be much appreciated,thanks joe.

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  • Thats not good Joe. Don't really know how to help but I'm sure someone will come along in a moment who can. Only thing I do know is you can claim for a new illness or if the original illness becomes 'significantly' worse. Good luck with it all.

    bev xx

  • thx very Bev,so if i read btween the lines my illness can become worse,good to know x

  • Yes Joe. You can reclaim if your illness becomes 'significantly' worse. If you and your doctor can show that you can put another claim in.

    Bev x

  • Welcome firstly to the site. Recommend initially the BLF Helpline on 03000 030 555. They can offer advice or point you in the right direction to outside agencies. You could also try this link - they have some great information and a forum that covers lots of topics, problems and resolutions.

    Good luck and warm wishes. :) xx

  • i'll be doing this straight away,tyvm.

  • Can I just ask Joe, the trapped nerve in your hand, do you have to do any specific movements with it or just rest it - I ask because I seem to have one too and am finding it tedious beyond tedious. :) xx

  • my hands usually go into cramps when i am doing small movements or i have been writting or typing,i usually grip and let go a few times,rub muscles in my forearms and it dispells the cramps for a while,i have been for the nerve conducting tests and waiting for a response from my doc to see the state they are in,i'll post when i know about this scrobbity

  • Cheers for answering Joe, good luck and will be very interested to hear how you get on. Mine is similar and the worst bit is the total weakness in the entire hand - can only hold something heavier than a pen if I support the hand by the wrist - crazy!!! :) xx

  • Hi there is a fact sheet that may offer some assistance

    You may have to copy and paste.

    Links are not working properly as yet.

  • Good advice above Joe, the helpline told me not to accept JSA if they offer it and appeal against the decision made. So phoning the BLF helpline is a good move.

    All good wishes


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