Preparing for dinner................KOTC

......................................Dinner riddle

When you prepare me for dinner you take off my outside and cook my inside. When you eat me, you eat my outside and throw away my inside. Who am I?

Answers please to



It's not a riddle at Breathe Easy, go along and find out.

Phone 03000 030 555 your friendly BLF for details on joining.

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  • Sound like a right fussy divil King & when you come to mine for dinner you,l eat it all or go hungry :D :D :D

    The Witch


  • I know! Should I whisper or give a clue? It's yellow.

  • Yellow? Since when has a bar of Cadbury's been yellow Libby? LOL :O xx

  • ahhh I think I know what you are thinking but goodness knows if it the answer. :D

  • Pfft not a clue Richard, foxed me on that one, perhaps two glasses of wine dulls the mind eh? Pheasant? Wabbit? xx

  • Where's your mama gone, where's your mama gone ?

    Am I getting warm?

    Tina x :)

  • That's not a bad guess Tina, you take the skin off, eat the meat and throw the bones away, and when they're babies they're yellow!! But no!

  • is it sweetcorn.

  • pumpkin, pumpkin? :D X

  • Corn on the COB. My name is Cornish and I had a cob on. Hence CORN ON THE COB!


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