British Lung Foundation

Learning as we go

Learning as we go

Homepage little house icon left on blue bar.

What's new....recent activity,

Useful ...yes. Why?

You can see the action before you sign in, if you like dive in, if not make tea.

What else.....write a post ( blog). ........ask a question...........

More .... Yes

Go direct to post or question on blue bar.

Where you can read,comment on. Post.......Ask questions or answer questions

Whats new..... Scroll to bottom of either page and click/tap. Next button to see previous post(blogs) or questions

Feel free to add

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Edit your profile (by clicking on your name) make changes as required from here you can also view your public profile.

After you have edited your profile, click on Communities, select British Lung Foundation or other as you wish.

This takes you to recent activity. Click on Posts, for blog posts as stone mentioned or Questions as you prefer.

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