stomach and back, is this normal?

Good morning, well it’s been about 6 weeks now since my stomach has been aching heavily for 23 hours ish a day and the bottom of my back aches have to be so careful twisting ,is this normal for copd ers,? I’ve explained this to the doc’s who had a look at my stomach and back two taps on the belly... and hey your I’m not, the feeling is like being pregnant but the problem is I’m a male, lol (could be interesting hu) if anyone could throw some light on this I would very much appreciate it and would be very please if a BLF nurse would comment PLEASE

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  • The BLF nurses tend not to comment on posts other than to give their phone number, which is 03000 030 555 - due to not having full details of your condition. Give them a ring, I'm sure they can give you some advice. Hope you feel better soon. :) xx

  • I have copd and also have a bad back and also try to avoid twisting, it is very painful when inflamed. I also suffer with gastritis, inflamation of the stomach for which I take Gaviston. I think side effects from medication may have an effect on my stomach.Back pain can also cause breathing problems as advised by a hospital nurse. Would mention the problem to your GP again if there is no improvement soon. Joyce

  • Sounds a bit like a urinary infection to me. Drink plenty of barley water, not the bottled stuff, buy barley boil and strain. Leave to cool and drink.

  • I have never had this with COPD but I only have it very mild. I think your best best is to go to your doctor or as scrobs says call BLF. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    bev x

  • Can't say my husband suffers with these symptoms. Please ring the BLF nurse and hope they can give you some advise. TADxx

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