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Looks like E Cig fluid is going to be band on health grounds

New york as already baned public sales of propylene glycol E cig juice also used in antifreeze embarming fluid

And according to F.R.A.N.K as young kids are using fluid to soak cigarets and then smoking them once dried for a new high

Risking death comma and lots of other brain nasties think tighter control is clearly needed

But as of yet E Cig juice used properly jury is still out ...

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Why can the usual cigarette age laws not be enforced? E cigs have helped so many people. I think the truth is that tobacco companies and by default the government in terms of tax are missing out.


Apparently e cigs in the UK are to licensed as drugs; there is as yet nointention to ban them. In 2016 the change will come into force, giving e cig companies time to get a license. American tobacco already has one, which speaks volumes re the politics.

This will push the price of e cigs up. Hoping the design doesn't change as NRT for me has never worked. If I can find the link re the government ruling I will post it.


I am a passionate advocate of e cigs.NRT just didn't work for me and within 3 days I preferred vaping to smoking. Early days as I last smoked tobacco about 10 weeks ago but just amazed at hoe effective the e cig has been.


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