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Hello from the BLF

Hi Everybody

Just wanted to pop in - and write my first post on the "new look" community. Having to do this from home (on my ipad) as along with the rest of you, all BLF staff are having problems accessing the community. Our problem is the version of Internet explorer is "old" and the community can' t cope with that. Anyway that is hopefully on the way to being sorted and we will soon be back to normal.

So that means the categories you are all eagerly awaiting are going to be delayed - it's the BLF that set the categories for this community, not HUL. But don't worry as soon as the access issues are sorted the categories will appear.

I'm liking the look of the new community - it will take some time getting used to - but worth it in the end.

Hang on in there!


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You've been in the sun too long Mark, you're very red LOL

Hopefully the wrinkles will be ironed out relatively quickly so that all the members can post and answer without hassle.

Can't see my picture on the iPad. Will have to look into it tomorrow along with all the other bits and pieces that need adding and updating.

....... dont worry, we can see your lovely pic. A bit pink but still smiling!!

LOL you just look as if you've had too much sun, Mark :)

Sandra x x x

Fingers crossed mark,it's a struggle at the moment,but thank you for the response.good Luck :)

Err! Did nobody realise old browsers don't work, should have left well alone untill, all bugs ironed out, sorry mark I'm no tech, your techs should have known the new site would not run properly on blf's old browser, its like me trying to run explorer 10 on an xp system its a no go .

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HUL provide web communities for over 200 charities. It's not a case of "our tech guys" having anything to do with the new community - we use what HUL provide.


I am using internet explorer at the moment, when things play up more I use google chrome, I am confident the tech guys will resolve all, in good time.

Thanks for saying hi Mark.

Looking forward to the new categories.

Best wishes BC

Thanks for the update Mark.

Lynne xx

Apologies for the delay in getting things going for you Mark, thanks for your understanding on this. We're sorting the Internet Explorer issue out asap. Glad to have you on board via the iPad.


This site works better,than the old one,on my iPad, so no complaints from me!!

Thanks for the update.

lol Mark, first you turn red and now you have turned into a beautiful baby :)


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