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Got diagnosed with emphysema last Sept. Recently had a free lung check in town by local copd clinic and said I've got lungs of a 72yr old,

also have had another spirometry test in last cpl of wks and results were worse than they were in Sept last yr. Im also starting to get chest pain! Also walking any distance is getting harder (by the day at the moment)can anyone help me with this? Any answers gratefully received.

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Hello aidi rose, sorry you are struggling at the moment, I too have emphysema diagnosed this March,

maybe you are struggling because of the heat but as you are having some chest pain, it is possible that you maybe getting a chest infection, unless you are coughing a lot then it could be strain. You should see your GP again if you think that maybe antibiotics are needed. Did they review your medication when they did spriometry test? Perhaps you could give the help line a call in the morning - they maybe to help you decide if you need the GP you can get hold of them on 03000 030 555 - let us know how you get on

wishing you the best Anna



I have copied this from GP website

Treatment of COPD

There isn’t a cure or a way to reverse the damage to your lungs, but there are things you can do to stop COPD from getting worse. The most important treatment is to stop smoking. Giving up smoking can relieve your symptoms and slow down the progression of COPD, even if you have had it for a long time. Speak to your GP about ways to give up smoking.


There are other steps you can take to stop COPD getting worse and to ease your symptoms. Some examples are listed below.

Keep up your fluid levels by drinking enough water and use steam or a humidifier to help keep your airways moist – this can help to reduce the thickness of mucus and phlegm that are produced.

Exercise to keep moving and eat a healthy diet to help your heart and lungs.

Have a flu vaccination each year, as COPD makes you particularly vulnerable to the complications of flu, such as pneumonia (bacterial infection of the lungs).

Have a vaccination for the Streptococcus pneumoniae bacterium that causes pneumonia.

Pulmonary rehabilitation

Ask your GP about pulmonary rehabilitation. These are programmes consisting of exercise, education about COPD, advice on nutrition and psychological support. They aim to help reduce your symptoms and make it easier for you to do everyday activities.


Hi and welcome to the site. Can't add much more than the previous replies - they have covered a good bit of it. :) xx


Your first two responses tell you all you need to know. There are techniques for dealing with shortness of breath if you are suffering now, if that becomes the case come ack here or seek medical attention.


Hi and welcome. There are a few basic things that will help you deal with this as best as you can.

1. Don't panic, it's not a death sentence

2. If you still smoke, stop as soon as you can. That is the single biggest thing you can do to help yourself.

3. Exercise. Yes, you will get out of breath, but in a controlled way that is good. It will help keep your lungs as fit as possible.

4. Eat healthily and maintain a healthy weight.

5. Take your meds as directed.

6. Try to avoid infections - not easy!

7. Be positive! There are people on here whose lung function has not got worse and one or two have improved it.

So, you see, it's fairly straightforward.

Seriously, all those are very important, but you will feel scared from time to time, so stay in touch on here.

I'm 58, moderate at 53% and still work. I go to the gym, have an allotment and a garden. It doesn't stop me, I'm just a bit slower sometimes.

Lynne xx


Hi lynne my name is mags. I was diagnosed with moderate copd last sept and I,m 54 I also still work. I agree with what you said. I find myself slower at times. I find having a positive approach to life as you do helps a lot.

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Hi and welcome to the site. Can't add to whats been said. Just wanted to say Hi.

Bev x


Good advice already posted for you, check back with your doctor and explain what you have said here as already recommended ask your GP for a referral to a pulmonary rehabilitations course this will help you understand and manage your condition more successfully so that you can regain some better qualify of life.

Best wishes BC


Hi, Sorry to hear that you are struggling. My husband was diagnosed about 8 years ago and has severe COPD but he is still working full time, we have great fun and enjoy taking the children out. This is not a death sentence but I would be a fool if I told you there wouldn't be a major change - we take things very slowly, avoid places with stairs etc. etc.

MY husband was referred after asking the Doctor to the Pulmonary Rehabilitation course which completely changed his life and taught him to excercise at his level and gave him lots of knowledge. Knowledge is certainly power.

This is a very personal disease and seems to affect eveyone differently and to varying degrees. You have learn to know what are your triggers and don't hesitate to go to the Doctor is your breathing is worsening. The key with COPD is to deal with worsening symptoms quickly. I hope that you have been able to stop smoking that will certainly slow it down.

If you have any other questions - come to this site, it has been invaluable to me. Take good care of yourself. TAD xx

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I was also told that I had the lungs of a 78 year old, when I phoned the BLF helpline and spoke to the nurse she said it is nonsense and doesn't know why they tell us such things. Ignore it. Look after yourself.



I have the lungs of a 160+ year old so let's hope I live long enough to catch up with them !! :D


Ha ha ha Puff, love it !!!


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