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Random memories?? .... or just showing my age

Hi guys

Random thought whilst walking the springers this morning (one of which is obsessed with fetching balls).

I seem to remember off-white tennis balls .... or were they always day glow yellow? and did birds (... blue tits??) really peck the foil tops off milk bottles, as delivered by milkman, to get at the cream? and did mum really buy strings of onions from a Frenchman on a bicycle?

No longer sure to be honest .... so long ago and so much changes.

Did it happen? and what random stuff do you need to be checked out by oldies (56 ... could be older ... but could be oh so much younger), like me


Dinosaur Izzius Wozzoraptor

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Tennis balls were white, can't recall when they went yellow or when tellies became flat screen with a remote rather than just pressing a button on the set to watch a selection of two or three channels.No wonder us oldies get confused hasn't time moved on?


Hiya Izzy

Yep, tennis balls were white and we used them until all the "fur" was worn away. The birds did pinch the milk and mum did buy onion strings from the Frenchman in the blue beret.

We followed the milkman's horse to gather up the poo for the roses and the baker also came round by horse and cart as did the greengrocer. We put a penny in the gas meter and if mum had no pennies we were sent to the shop for change. We took the ration book and got our ration of two ounces of sweets and please can we have a penny for the meter. Hard but happy days.

Bobby xxx


You took the words right out of my mouth Bobby,remember that so well,also the guy that turned on the street lights at night xxx


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