The weather and COPD

I live in Perth Western Australia, and I don't have a problem with the heat. As a matter of fact my breathing is as normal as it gets in the heat. But the cold weather we are experiencing now(daytime temps of 13 - 18 C) is a bummer. It’s like I'm continually up to my neck in freezing cold water. (Short of breath all the time). I was actually wondering about how people with COPD who live in different climate zones handle it all. Maybe people who live in the colder climes get affected by heat more, while people in warmer climes get affected by the cold. Sort of a evolution, natural selection thing. I have found that anything under 18 degrees C. affects my breathing. I really don’t know how people who have daytime temperatures in the minus temps , survive. What do you think

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  • Your question has only just appeared Keith! I love the heat and am the same as you with the cold, shame I live in the good old U of K then. I think because I was born in Cyprus, my natural inclination is towards heat. The weather here is so absurd though, one day hot, the next freezing so it's difficult to deal with the constant flux in temperatures. As long as I have the air circulating, heat is not an issue with the breathing. :) xx

  • I am also UK based (and not born in Cyprus - envy) and hate the cold. The hot weather is suiting me fine but during the winter months when temperatures drop into the minus zone I just hibernate until we get warmer weather. I would definitely not go out in anything colder than 6 degrees and read somewhere this is the minimum for COPD sufferers. :)

  • I agree with the previous posts. I love the het, but struggle in winter when I really can't get out because the cold affects my breathing badly

  • Thank you for your responses. Seems the cold is a real pain for COPDers no matter where we were born. Interesting note about 6 degrees. That would be Fahrenheit right. Which is about 14 Celsius. So as I mentioned before anything under 18 Celsius is the pits for me. Keith :)

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