The psychedelic avatar thread, non-psychedelics also welcome :-)

So far, two people whose avatars, like mine, had gone psychedelic during the changeover have replied on my thread asking about that.

I'd like to see who else has been afflicted by an attack of sudden psyhcedelicness!

Please come forward and show us your avatar haha!

So far:




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Not me, left the magic mushrooms alone this time :O xx

Hi Scrobbitty x

Your smiling cappuccino avatar looks so sweet, he doesn't need to go psychedelic, he's fine as he is


Click on all things British Lung Foundation under 'browse by category'. Lots of BLF folk to keep you company ;)

Ha ha I am really loving the psyhcedelicness of your rabbit, sadly I do not have that, I have a photo of me that is sadly lacking the 60's feel. Wished it was an option in the change over, should have been a poll - Do you wish to become psyhcedelic? I would have voted YES !!

Anna xxx

Hi Psorias

Yes! That would be great, an option to make our avatars psychedelic if we wanted to.

Haha, maybe we should start that poll!


Here's mine again - not guilty with the magic mushrooms - honest! Wonder why some of us are affected (perhaps that should be infected) and not others?

I've decided not to try and change it yet - I'm kidding myself that the colouring is flattering! ;-)

You do know that purple and orange is really up to date fashion wise this season.

As the youngsters would say - 'you look bang up to date'

I am jealous that I am not psycedellic, or as those same youngsters would say 'Well Jell' lol

:) anna x

Hi jabber

That's what I was wondering too. Maybe we had uploaded a different type of document, maybe .png instead of .jpeg or something.

Don't change it!!! Stay in the psychedelic club! xxx

Well, that's a thought - I couldn't tell you what type of doc I uploaded though - I was just pleased it worked.

Have to confess I did try to change it initially, but was taking so long to upload that I gave up. I'm pleased now to be in this very select club and I'll be staying! :)

I love your psychedelic bunny, koala, I think it's amazing :)

Sandra x x x

Thank you Sandra xxxx

I like it too! I was a bit taken aback when I first saw it but now I really love it. I hope it doesn't change back.

What is fun is seeing who else has been affected that way :-)


Well, take a copy of the image, just in case it does revert back LOL :)

Sandra x x x

Good plan!


mine was too, changed it to new one, xx

I love your portrait Willow. Was it done professionally? lol

Bobby xxxx

I Love Eeyore xxxx

That's very odd. Some of said avatars do not appear at all. They have disappeared into their own psychodelic world or down a rsbbit hole to which I have no access. :-) Alison

I live in a rabbit hole of course, being a rabbit although I've got the wrong name for that haha. It is indeed a very psychedelic world, pity you have no access, I wonder if us psychedelics could sort out a visitor pass.


All the avatars described above as psychedelic appear on my iPad as plain uniform black.

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