King of The Cocktails--KOTC IS BACK

Yes Yes Yes KOTC is back!

This DEMURE gentleman, purveyor of all things good in life is going to make sure that is what you get !

You WILL enjoy KOTC humour !

You WILL enjoy KOTC poetic licence !

You WILL enjoy KOTC riddles !

You WILL enjoy KOTC's memory lane !

You WILL enjoy KOTC quotes !

You WILL enjoy KOTC quizzes!

You WILL enjoy KOTC. !

You WILL be reprimanded by KOTC for lack of participation !

You WILL be compromised for lack of return communication !

You WILL make KOTC proud of this site by way of your nice informative manners !

You WILL already know that KOTC loves you all

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  • And you will know that Scrobbs loves ya back :) xx

  • Welcome home KOTC

  • Yaaaah there is a God after all.

    So nice to see you back kingy it's been soooooo boring without your input and I was starting to worry about you too

    A few others are missing either unwell, suffering with the heat or cannot get on and stay on site.

    Be glad when it's back if ever to normal as it's pretty souless at the moment

    Kiss to Badger xx

    Love Julie

  • Welcome home KOTC we,ve missed you, & love you right back, by heck you took your time fella :D

    The Witch


  • About time kingy no more slacking now we need :)

  • I will, I will, I will, I will, I will, I will, I will, I will, I will, but not too sure about that one LOL :)

    Sandra x x x

  • And I AM enjoying that you made it through - welcome back

    anna xxxx

  • Welcome back! Great you're here again!


  • Long live the King!! Good to see you back,we missed you xxx

  • Welcome Back KOTC it's not been the same without you, mattcass

  • welcome back, glad to see you got here xx

  • Good to see you back :)

    Lynne xx

  • Lovely to see you back KOTCs.

    Love Lib x

  • What took you so

    Welcome back


  • Welcome home, Your Majesty. x

  • Thank goodness you are back King. Long may you rule! :-) :-) Alison

  • So excited to see you back - you are one of the big nibs in tis forum. -- big hugs from Annieseed!!

  • So good to see here KOTC, I have to use a laptop to get here...and hufferpuffer loves you back as well.... :D xxx

  • welcome back, only just seen your post as I have been enjoying the summer in the garden

  • So nice to see you back KOTC :d Judy x

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