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how to reduce the risk of pnuemonia again

i would like to know how to stop getting pnuemonia,, i have had it 5 times now and plus asthma dont help me... i have recently left hospital due to bilateral pnumonia which started off as a common cold.. i carnt walk talk eat shower anythink and i am getting out of breath and i do not know what i can do anymore as it is realy stressing me out i cry most nights before i go to sleep... i need guidance of people who will listen to me pleqase help me .. email me at

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My husband had a pneumonia vac about three years ago - perhaps your doc could advise. Although my husband suffers with severe Copd not asthma. The blf have a helpline Monday to Friday - they maybe able to give you some advise. Take good care and hope you start to feel better soon with good wishes TAD x x


thank u for the reply darling ... just starting to give up on everythink at the moment its killin me.. every time i breath the pins and needles in the chest running down to my finger tips .. the pain of coughing and all the muchus... i carnt even stand up and it kills me to do so... im 21 years old i just want to know is this going to kill me off.....


Hi Grant,sorry to hear you are still unwell.

Welcome to the group anyway! It sounds as if you may still need to be in hospital,please do see your Doctor,& whilst there,find about the vaccine,for when you are better.

As long as you are on the right medications won't kill you,just very unpleasant!

Do take care,

Wendells xx


Please go back to the Doctor today - you sound poorly. Take good care xxx


Hi Grant, welcome to the forum, and oh snap on the double pneumonia! Not nice at all! The one and only time I had it, it took me 4 months to feel any improvement. I was given the pneumonia vaccine, once, and thankfully I've never had pneumonia again! That was 15 years ago. Honest, there is life after pneumonia :)

My advice, my friend, is to talk to your GP or call the BLF helpline when it opens on Monday. The number is 03000 030 555.

Take care, and please keep cool in this hot weather :d

Sandra x x x

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Hello Grant, You're only 21 so this is a bit unfair to say the least.

My sincere sympathies. I know how ill you can feel with pneumonia and how long it can take to get over it. I had it 5 times in 18 months but since being given the pneumonia jab I've not had a full blown dose of it since.

There are several things you can do to keep well:

1. Call the BLF helpline on Monday, from what I've read here they are fantastic and will point you in all the right


2. Become a handwashing fanatic and dont directly touch anything that anyone else has touched - at least until you've got back to your normal. I'm sure as a support worker you'll know about cross-infection.

3. For now, drink plenty of fluids at least 2 litres daily in normal temperatures, more now it's hot & if you perspire a lot ( caffeinated tea & coffee dont count according to a great pulmonary nurse I met last week, she trains GPs so knows her stuff). This is to keep to the sectretions moist and easier to get up. You dont want thick stuff hanging about in your lungs as a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Some take a medication called

Mucodyne for this. Julia, that wonderful nurse I met at PR (Pulmonary Rehab) said it's the most brilliant medication for us and she cant rate it highly enough. I do & it's really helped.

4. Get some Manuka honey 20+ strength minimum. It comes in different strengths and is a natural antibiotic. It's expensive but remember YOU'RE WORTH IT!! I now get it on internet, much less pricey than shop and I'd avoided it for some time as I'm quite cash poor, read reviews on Amazon. Also get some Vitamin D and take all year round. Also get some effervesant Vit C + Zinc - cheapest is Tesco, 3 for 2, (more fluid, cant do any harm :)

5. Eat as well as you can, loads of veg, protein but less pasta/rice/spud ( you can easily put on weight sitting about

when you're unwell.

6. Ask your GP or the practice's respiratory nurse for the pneumonia jab - and also the annual flu jab.

7. Ask your GP or practice nurse or hospital doc to refer you for the PR classes. They really help to build up your strength, learn breathing techniques, how to take inhalers properly and loads & loads of interesting stuff to keep you welll and avoid infections.

I really hope the above helps you. Sorry to go on but I really feel for you. I've just spent nearly 3 years floundering on my own with the pneumonias and continual chronic chest infections.

The best 3 things I've done are; to find the BLF & learn from all the members, to become pro-active & press for referrals & a new consultant and also the PR classes.

I only smoked mildly for a total of 8 years of my life. I've felt so fed up (verging on suicidal) as though my life was over over the past 3 years.

I'm so glad I got the courage (+ encouragement from here) to press for another consultant who I saw the other day. Already an appointment has come through for a CT scan which will hopefully give me a long awaited diagnosis so I can manage whatever it is I have and to have the best, healthy life as possible.

I wish you all the best to get and remain well Grant. PeeG

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Hi Grant and welcome to the site. Peeg's advice is pretty comprehensive and excellent. Hope you get yourself sorted and if you need further support just pop back and ask, there's always someone around to help you. :) xx


Hi grantbond, welcome to the site and so sorry you are feeling so poorly. Peeg has given some very good advice, study that and apply to your life and this will help keep you safe from further infection.

Its important to boost your immune system now and always help keep that in as good condition as you can always. Do this as Peeg says; avoid others who may be infected with a cold or flu virus, eat well, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein etc, have your annual flu shots, avoid smoke inhalation of any kind.

Normally I would suggested and recommend asking your doctor for a referral to a pulmonary rehabilitation course for those who have deconditioned, (not being able to walk, shower, talk without shortness of breath and feeling exhausted because of it). However after reading your 2nd comment I feel your best option would be to access the occupational Therapy team through your GP before you do any thing else. In the mean time your doctor may be able to advise you on what gentle exercise may be good for you to do to build yourself back up slowly.

I feel the pins and kneedles you are getting in the chest running down to finger tips should be investigated to determine the cause. Please speak with a doctor on the telephone, have a doctor call on you or phone NHS Direct about the symptoms you are experiencing.

About occupational therapy and how to access occupational therapy:

I hope you find some of this information useful to you and I hope soon you will be feeling much better and looking forward to days of breathing easier and enjoying more activity.

Best Wishes BC

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have you had a sputum test to check if antibiotics are right ones ? hope you feeling better soon. xx


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