is the choice to view posts oldest first or newest first., It's automatically set at newest first and sometimes "side" replies to people's replies come out in the wrong place. If the default setting was oldest first newest last , it would be far better and easier to keep track. Also hate the way the screen whizzes down fast sometimes, makes me feel dizzy. What do others think about these things?

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  • I am really struggling to understand anything of what is going on. I log in and get a list of comments made and have to hack around to find a list of posts and questions and then, as Libby says, the additions to the posts are listed latest first, but with responses to particular comments underneath the original? I agree that oldest first would work better but did not know there was a choice? If there is, I can't find it.

  • The annoying thing for me is that if I come back on in an hour or so it will take me a good half hour to re-find this post!

  • And where do I find my recent activity list?

  • When you click on blogs or questions there is a box showing Latest, Activity and Popular. If you want to see your activity list as far as I can see so far, you have to click on your own profile and view as public and it will show your activity. :)

  • If you look to the right of the screen above the comments section you will see a box with two arrows - hover the mouse over the box to see what it is and then press - oldest to newest is the box on the left :)

  • The up/down arrows at the top of the responses, and to the right.

  • And just to prove the confusion, my above post was replied to Toci's post yet has ended up at the bottom!

  • I find that once I've logged in and see the list of latest comments, I then have to click on communities at the top of the page, select BLF and it takes me into the site properly. Don't know if anyone else has to do this?

  • I think until they have sorted the gliches out Libby, it would be best to answer any comment with the name of the person you are replying to otherwise it could confuse at best and irritate at worst LOL :) xx

  • Libby and scrobbity - you are stars. I can now put the posts in reverse order and read my latest activity list. The problem will be remembering it all! And why do my replies to people keep dropping to the bottom of the screen? (I deleted them to try to lessen the confusion). xx

  • They drop there when you first answer but if you refresh the screen they should, yeah should, go to where they were meant LOL :)

  • My, I thought I was the only one suffering from this confusion. Happy to hear it's not just me. Thank you scrobbitty & libby for passing on this information :) Judy x

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