At last At last

Yippee, I'm on at last. Thank-you everyone for you kind comments on my moany weather blog. The old fella put a shower head on the hose in the garden and fixed it up on the side of the shed so Jo-Anne and I can stand under the water and get cool, now the neighbours know we are mad. Love to everyone. xx

P.S. Bobbie canalchis wouldn't be so horible to me :P

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  • Hello exblondebombshell! glad you're keeping cool! :) xxx

  • Hi Huff,

    We are doing our :)

  • hello and welcome to the new house, hoping it will feel like home soon. :) that shower on a hose is known as Georgey in our house and it wears a flower on its neck ... (flowery hairband that just helps keep it together) xx

  • Hi, psorias,

    Thanks glad you made it too, must put a flower on my Georgey.

  • Hi exy, we can take your name off the search list too! How inventive of the old fella, putting a shower head onto the hose! People were beginning to worry :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Hi, Sandra,

    Yes call back the search party I made it :P We are having a lot fun with the outdoor shower. xxx :)

  • Hello blondie

    Congratulations, your mission agent Blondie is complete you have managed to bypass all the obstacles thrown at you to tackle the gremlins and gain access to the site well done.

    Glad to hear you are finding a way to keep cool in sunny Wales

    Hope Joanne is doing better now. Give her a kiss and hug for me please

    Take good care of yourself

    Love Julie xx x xx

  • Hi Julie,

    Jo-Anne loved the hug and xxxxx's I gave them to her and said they were from you and got a beautiful smile which I am sending to you :) It was a battle getting past those gremlins but I knew I had to be strong and make it through, couldn't let the troops down. :)

  • Hallo! Glad you have such an inventive better half!

    Do hope you are keeping cool enough,how is Joanne in the heat,poor lass? xx

  • We are suffering but I keep singing "I will survive" lol xx

  • And she's here - yay! Hubby is a genius - what a fun way to keep cool. Love to you all :) xx

  • Hi scrobbs,

    It was a battle but I knew you lot couldn't survive without me so I fought on lol xx :)

  • Thank god you made it, I had visions of being the only Welshy here LOL, Glad you,ve found a way of cooling down & are keeping chin up, well done on battle with those damn gremlins



  • Hi whitchy. we welshies cannot be kept down we make it in the end. xxxx

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