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Thanks for the help

A very big thankyou to all those wonderful people who were able to reply to my post about the drug azrythomicin

As my lungs have deteriated as a result of my bronciecatasis I have now deceided to return to it. This was not an easy decision to make as I know having tried and failed to come off it before I will now have to stay on it for life .

Being able to chat about it on here though has helped me to put things into perspective and realise that I am very lucky to have a drug that works which sadly is not the case for many. I guess you could say it has helped me see the wood for the trees and I will take a positive out of.

So Thank you guys for your help and all your messages of support.

Best wishes Julie x

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Several heads can be better than one, and if everyone is singing the same tune, it does help to get things in perspective sometimes. Glad you have come to a decision Julie and here's to it hopefully doing you good. Take care as always :) xx


Thanks so very much Scrobbitty you are an angel and count myself blessed to have you as a friend and your advice

Love n hugs xxxxx


Julie, when I know nothing about a drug, I feel unable to comment. However, I am pleased you have made a decision based on what is best for you and your continued health. :)

Sandra x x x


Sandra I do understand and feel exactly the same about commenting about drugs.

I hope you have recoverd today sweetheart after yesterdays excursion to the hospital and are coming to terms with your diagnosis. Please take things easy today to get back some energy. Your an inspiration and a special friend so take good care

Love n hugs

Julie xxx x xx x


Julie, I have to live this life, and no matter what's thrown at me, I'll hit back and keep breathing LOL

Having an incredibly comfy, relaxing chill out sort of day, and so glad to be back amongst friends ... even if I can't post smilies LOL :)

Sandra x x x


Reading this thread makes me realise more than ever what truly wonderful, lovely and kind people I have met on this forum.

Julie, I hope the med continues to work for you xxxxxxx



Thanks Koala I agree it takes a big knock back like this to realise how important a support network is, as wonderful as my family are it's not possible for them to understand completly what I am going through at the moment.

Thanks again angel for your support

Love n hugs xxxxxxx


Love n hugs to you too xxxxxxxxx


Just going to take mine - welcome back to the Azi club xxx


Thankyou will be glad when they start to kick in and I pick up a bit though Jan.

Hope your doing OK today sweetheart, and are feeling better

Love n hugs Julie xx


Hi Julie, like Sandra I can't comment on drugs I know nothing about but having made your decision I hope you have the best of all possible outcomes.

Best of luck,

Chris xx


Thank you Chris my friend your support means so much to me too, thinking in a few days time I may be well enough to go and run a Marathon or sail round the world, given I don't know how to sail it may be difficult lol

I hope you and Ann are OK and your coping in the heat and with all these changes too. Take good care your a superstar.

Love n

hugsxxx x x



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