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Don't know about you guys

But for those of us using: mobiles, windows phones, i phones, it seems have not been taken into consideration, I've yet to find the link to reply to a post,, need microscope to see the text, half the options don't work, what links are there that work are poorly thought out, but its like grandad used to say, they always some plonkers who k,ow nothing about what they are doing.

the old site worked perfectly well, all it need were a couple of option links adding to shut up those that don't like a bit of humour in their lives or are just bloody minded to care about those who do not want to be reminded every five minutes the have a terminal disease, i also noticed that most of those who cause the dissension in the site, are those who copy paste what they publish, post a link to some other health retated site. In plain words down right idiots,

to the BLF. ,ext time you decide to change,alter, rebuild a site, build it first, test it, then bring it on line, and if something works don't damn well go messing with it, cos' you obviously haven't got the skills required.


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Thank you for your feedback. BLF did not handle the technical aspects of this site, HealthUnlocked did, so you can contact us directly if you need to at

I assure you that although this site is not working as we had hoped, that the idea is to create a new and improved user experience so please bear with us for the time being. Everything will get better in time.

We realise not many people appreciate change but it will all work out.

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I do understand the monumental task you faced in re-inventing the format whilst incorporating older data, but can also understand the frustrations of the Poster. It will take time to scroll through all the lines of script to accurately pinpoint where the glitches are, and rectify them. I wish that team the best of luck!

In the interim, as you and Matt have said, the community can only report any glitches as and when found, and that way any issues can be resolved promptly.

I'm sure all the glitches will evaporate over time, and this changeover angst will be relegated to the annals of history.

Many thanks for your input Lora, and good luck with ironing out the problems :)

Sandra x x x


It is rather catastrophic on the iPad, better on my husband's laptop, but the only way I can read anything at all is by clicking either "questions" or "posts" and then on "replies". If there are no replies then I can't view the thread.

The overview of everything is extremely poor, I find.

But they are working on it, so hopefully these major issues are due to bugs and will be resolved.


If they need any help I can ask my mate Ash to to it. He is a website designer and probably one of the best out there.



I believe this thread is about the new forum, not yet another moan about fellow forum members.

As for Artyness, you announced that he won't be back. That is his decision entirely, and it is completely normal that people will come and go on an Internet forum.

Sorry to hear about your husband's ill health. the majority of forum members do seem to have COPD but I would respectfully disagree with you that it means those of us with different lung issues are not welcome or well catered for here. I have asthma and feel extremely welcome and have had very helpful answers to my questions.



The only problem I had was login, it took all day.

I use a I-pad no problem .

The only thing not working is 'Recent activity' it goes to 404 page not found

Plus will not always rember me!

I have submitted a post and several replies no problem.

Post do required a longer title,

As they say things can only get better,


It's fine on my iPad apart from having to log in every time.

Lynne xx



just spent last hour with my windows8 smartphone, not so smart, reports browser to old.

but wiill not load update or any of the others, google , firfox. safari. stating the media will not work with windows phone?

but it is because it is related to the healthunlocked website. all other sites work fine. given up


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