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Daily Laughter Friday

Hi Friends , due to problems beyond my control there is no daily laughter today.

Between my Immunoglobulin replacement and the heat, has taken it's toll and I am really feeling unwell

Sorry to let you all down. It breaks my heart.

Take care my friends hopefully I will be back say Monday.

Berwick xx

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Hi Berwick, so sorry you are not well, take care of yourself over the weekend and then hopefully you will be on the mend. Looking forward to your next daily laughter.

polly xx

So sorry you are not feeling well this heat is not good for a lot of us. Don't concern yourself about us just concentrate on getting better. xxx

I hope that you feel better very soon - try to rest and keep cool (if possible). With love and kind thoughts TAD xx

sorry your not up to the mark, hope you have a restful weekend, looking forward to your next weeks jokes, take care and rest up xx

Sorry to hear you aren't well. The laughter can wait unless The King has some amusing anecdotes ! :)

Hi Graeme, you are so totally forgiven for not producing funnies, lovely of you to post at all - take care of yourself and get better soon :) xx

Get well soon Graeme do not worry about the jokes for now, you have had an extermely tough week so look after yourself we will look forward to them next week

Julie x x

Hi Berwick, your health comes first and sorry it's taken a dip. Get well again before you give it another thought.

Take care,


Oh, Graeme, much as we all love your funny jokes and ditties, your health MUST come first! However, I am thankful you have advised us on your current health, 'cause we'd all have been worried.

Take a break from entertaining us, and concentrate on feeling better. ((((((Graeme)))))) soft hugs, and wishing you a speedy recovery :)

Sandra x x x

Dear berwick, your health comes before our entertainment. Get well soon. Judy x

Really wishing you well Graeme, take it easy this weekend, and hoping you are feeling better soon.

Love from Anna xx

Sorry to hear you're not so well Berwick,just take care of yourself,I'm sure you'll spring back in no time! xxx

Hello Graeme, so sorry to hear you're not well and I hope you are starting to feel better,such a relief to see you here please don't worry about the cheering us up,just seeing you are here is enough! feel well soon,sending love and wishes,huff xxx

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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