Been booked into hospital for IV antibiotics

Since my chest started playing up at the end of April I have had all my daily meds, 5 lots of antibiotics and steroids. I've seen the consultant twice and am seeing him on Saturday when he plans to admit me. I have persuaded him that Sunday evening would be better. 5 days of treatment promised. Got to arrange all my work for next week including persuading a colleague to go to court for me on Wednesday.

Just hope I am ok to go on holiday.


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  • That sounds rotten for you Judith, but after all the antib's you've had at home and not cleared it yet, it seems the best solution. Mind you, I would feel the same, I have fought tooth and nail not to be admitted to hospital and so far, so good. Sincerely hope the IV ones do the trick and you can be out in time. Take care and enjoy your weekend beforehand :) xx

  • The last thing any of us wants is to end up in hospital, but I do think it will probably be for the best. I do so hope those 5 days will be well spent, and your infection clears for you to enjoy your holiday. :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Oh so sorry you are having to go through this Judith, I hope arrangements and treatment runs smoothly and you will be feeling fine in time for your holiday.

    All good wishes BC

  • Oh I'm sorry to hear you've got to go into hospital, but hopefully it will mean you can enjoy your holiday


  • Good luck with your stay in hospital I know it's a pain but hopefully will be worth it in the end. Take the chance to put your feet up and read a few books, and let someone take care of you.

    best wishes

    Julie xx

  • Sorry to hear that Judith,but probably best for you!try & enjoy being waited on,& have a few good novels with you,good luck with it

    Love& hugs

    Wendells xxx

  • Good luck I hope that the antibiotics work for you and you are soon fighting fit. I am sure that these antibiotics will clear up the infection and you will be able to enjoy a fab holiday. With best wishes and kind thoughts TAD xx

  • Try & look on it as a welcome short break before you real Hols Judith, I know it,s awful having to be admitted but at least you can rest & let the drugs do their work,

    Good luck



  • Any sty in hospital's bad luck but I'm sure they'll get you fixed up IV ABs should sort it out. Take care and good luck,


  • Thank you for all the messages. Saw the consultant today who did bloods for a baseline. Told me what he planned to do as we'll as antibiotics. Think I will need to come home for a rest!

    I shall have my iPad/iPhone with me so can update you whist I'm there.

    Hot weather lovely but ........


  • Only stayed in hospital 24 hours and had no IV antibiotics! Apparently there was no need however there appears to be a problem with my immune system. Have to have more tests the last week in August and see the consultant on 31 August. I have been signed off for this week which is good. The consultant has also written a fantastic letter to occupational health.


  • Glad you weren't in for too long - having a visit from OT myself on Friday :) xx

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